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Top tracks from this artist:
Listen to a previewA:M Lovers
Shake It Mary
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Listen to a previewA:M Lovers
Motorcycle Cop
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Listen to a previewA:M Lovers
My Easy Hairstyle
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Listen to a previewA:M Lovers
For The Man
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A:M Lovers

Label: Clown Records

Artists Genre: Rock

'70's rock outfit...cocksure riffs...compelling vocals...A:M Lovers have come at a time when the retro sound is ripe' Laura Coffey Addicted to Sound

A:M Lovers are a four piece band from London, England.

The band members are:

Karl Henson-Guitar
Craig Tilford-Bass
Craig Milburn-Vocals
Rik Hambleton-Drums

A:M Lovers have played at the best of London's live music venues and continue to do so. The band has secured a residency at London's premier live venue the Cargo.

For the Man has featured on Channel Four, Freesports on 4, by Boomerang Productions.

Their debut EP single includes:

For the Man
My Easy Hairstyle
Shake it Mary
Motorcycle Cop

This is an exciting time for the band. One question must be asked are you an A:M Lover?

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