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A Melodic Daydream  (Alternative)

About amelodicdaydream Chris loves writting music...Chris meets Lnz...Lnz sings...after a year of knowing each other Chris and Lnz start writting music together...they don't know how or why but somehow they also found m...  more
A:M Lovers  (Rock)

'70's rock outfit...cocksure riffs...compelling vocals...A:M Lovers have come at a time when the retro sound is ripe' Laura Coffey Addicted to Sound A:M Lovers are a four piece band from London, England. The band m...  more
Abalone  (Rock)

Abalone is Internet rock at its' finest. Hot off the strings & ready to stream. Check it out!  more
Adam K  (Rock)

Aerial Spans Earth  (Acoustic)

Aerial Spans Earth was formed in 1998 by Dan Caganoff. The bands influences at this time are Bjork, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd and Tool. Dan bought a computer, borrowed a synth, bought some software and soon the music fl...  more
African China AKA Chinagoro  (Urban)

The Evolution of African China Far from being the obvious, since launching himself into the mainstream music world about two years ago, Chinagoro, a.k.a African China, may have stood out as a dependable, yet emerging...  more
AFRO FIESTA (Afro-Fiesta)  (Urban)

AFRO-FIESTA “In the wake of trials and tribulations, it is up to a person to work towards self-empowerment, using every God-given talent that he/she has been blessed with”. This is the philosophy that Mermans Kenkosenki...  more
AFRO SOUL  (Urban)

ABOUT AFRO-SOUL: The new millennium saw the beginnings of a musical force to be reckoned with – Afro- Soul! This dynamic group was formed in 2000 and comprises 8 musicians from various areas around the Western Cape, ...  more
Afrologic  (Urban)

ABOUT - Afrologic For every movement, there must be a logic! Formed in 2002, Afrologic is essentially centred around the duo of composer and featured female vocalist Temi, alongside composer, producer, broadcaster, Gboy...  more
afterthem  (Alternative)

Afterthem is a new band from New Jersey...The music is garage funk with odd time signatures...Lead vocals are shared by Joy Epting and Liz Matta (who also plays sax)...Next we have bassist Windy Jones (whose favorite ba...  more
Alex Nevsky  (Dance)

Alex Nevsky,started his career in earnest 2001.Never the less Alex began collecting records and learn about music earlier. At the age 17,Alex was already playing music in various clubs and bars in his home town Athens (...  more
Amelia M  (Pop)

Coming from the same town as pop idol winner, Will Young in Hungerford, Amelia discovered her talent for singing at the age of 10, and performed in front of an audience at school, singing cover songs. Encouraged from thi...  more

Amygdala is a darkwave/noise projekt from cactvs chris. A continuous mix of darkwave with awesome soundscapes.  more
Andy Brown  (Country)

I suppose you could say that Andy Brown has almost made it in the world of Country on several occasions. He won the Gatlinburg International Male Vocalist award 4 years ago,management at the time failed to capitalise on...  more
Andy Roberts  (Dance)

Andy Roberts began his DJ career back in 1987, playing parties in and around suburban Toronto, Canada. At thetender age of 16, he hit Toronto’s downtown scene with a bang. Disco...  more
Andy Whitby  (Dance)

HardHouse has a new champion! Andy Whitby is truly one of the most original artists the Hard Dance scene has produced in many years! By blending accapella's with current tracks and creating instant bootlegs, mixing this ...  more
andyg  (Dance)

Fx10243 is a lo fi chipmusic band with 2 cds and tracks to buy as well also we have free midi files ringrones and plenty of other stuff as well Website http://clix.to/fx10243  more
Angels In Exile  (Heavy Metal)

Hark, now my heavy metal brothers and sisters , " Angels In Exile" have returned from Abaddon. Long Live the disciples of True Metal! 20 years ago in the scorched badlands of New Mexico, the heavy metal band "Angel...  more
Anything Wrong  (Heavy Metal)

Hard Hitting Alternative Metal straight out of Florida. Anything Wrong mixes heavy guitars, simplistic rhythms, harmonized vocals, and guitar solos all to create a unique brand of music that is sure to leave you bangin' ...  more
Armando Curcio  (Dance)

Armando Curcio is an Italian producer from Rome who currently resides in Miami Florida. We do not have a full biography on file for Armando Curcio, but should you have a biography you’d like to contribute, please conta...  more
Ashleigh Croft  (Country)

Ashleigh Croft is taking the world by storm with her edgy vocals, outgoing personality and her stunning beauty. Remember the movie "Coyote Ugly"?, This music is very similar to that of the music found on the soundtrack ...  more

Astra Dolphin (yes, that is her real name) is a singer/songwriter with a difference... Devonian Astra Dolphin is not a strikingly intelligent sea mammal, but a singer/songwriter whose unusual style has earned her freq...  more
Astronaut 7  (Pop)

ABOUT ASTRONAUT 7 This is the first release from the Adelaide singer songwriter ASTRONAUT 7. The Single features 2 songs packed with emotion heart-warming melodies and dramatic changes in style. Stylistically the EP has...  more

AT RISK TEEN is: A private soundtrack, crafted from beloved parts, smashed beats, and joyful noise, occasionally finding meaning. Or a bunch of pointless young racket, depending on your worldview  more
Attila Kovacs  (Pop)

Attila Kovacs, musician-songwriter from Denmark  more
Away With The Fairys  (Pop)

Away With The Fairys are a band who saw the birth of Britpop, kept what was good about it and moved on in their own way.Murphy, the Liverpool born singer/songwriter was fortunate enough to live and Jam along with Blurs D...  more
AYO  (Urban)

"I've sometimes felt too small, too under-equipped to help anyone but I've since realized that one drop of water can cause many ripples. I want God to use me to inspire, to heal, even if its only one person at a time." ...  more
Azadus !  (Urban)

AZADUS SHOT! Date published: 5 June 2005 Abstracted FROM Sunday Sun (A newspaper) by Segun Ajiboye Courage and self-possession were Azadus’ salvation in the relation of the dramatic anticlimax he experienced on...  more

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