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E-boy  (Urban)

The streets can't wait any longer! E-BOY aka the ladies man first underground album is set to be release late 2005. He will also be working with one of LIB's most anticipated producers, LiL FEJ. "The kid has a heart for ...  more
E-dro  (Other)

Every now and then an artist emerges with exceptional skills: an artist who pushes boundaries and is not afraid to say what needs to be said: an artist who has the ability to tap into the deepest emotions of his audience...  more
Earth  (Rock)

Almost ten years ago, four individuals met as first year students at school, Ben (bass) Add (guitar) Morris (drums) Jb (vocals) united by their strong friendship bond and a mutual love of music started them on their trai...  more
Eddie Cumana  (Dance)

EDDIE CUMANA EDDIE CUMANA (Boulovard East Collective/111 first/Dynamix/Channelled/Sonikflirt) Eddie Cumana, a nuyorcuban groove prodigy, has 18 years of experience ...  more
Eddie Fowlks (Pre-amp Brothers)  (Dance)

EDDIE FLASHING FOWLKS Eddie Falshing Fowlkes & Nikko Marks PRE AMP PROTHERS Looking back on the early days of house, Eddie Fowlkes has been a constant reminde...  more
Eddie Robson  (Pop)

Eddie Robson - Latin Popstar  more
Eedris Abdulkareem  (Urban)

Eedris Abdulkareem AKA Eddy Remedy is an MGN Productions Nigeria, Blue Pie and Perfect Pitch artist. Eedris is out now on Blue Pie at all leading digital retailers on the planet. Eedris Abdulkareem AKA Eddy Remedy c...  more
Eftos  (Alternative)

Leadcore Black Industrial & Goth Opera Local Sense Technology (1999-2014) - the debut Art Prime (2006-2016) - the final Essential Eftos (2006-2016) - the worst last.fm/label/eftos www.eftos.de  more
Eibkid  (Other)

yoh!this ur boy E.I.B Kid hola @ me 4real anytime. ma track smoke like a blunt so cats kal me puffy/plus ma flow beautiful like the ass on buffy. watch out 4 ma upcomin mixtape "Crumps 4rom ma loaf" its gonna be hot. ...  more
Einsteinchakras  (Alternative)

We are proles. We are avengers of the marginalized, and social justice shall be ours.  more
Eleonora Mills  (Dance)

Eleonora Mills is produced by Rob Aaron from New York City. No biography is available for this Artist. Should you want to contribute a biography for Eleonora Mills/Ron Aaron please contact us !  more
emeson  (Soul)

emeson....songwriter, singer, composer and producer of his album Audiocentricities,currently available as an mp3 download album. Swerving from the well-trodden path of the norm, emeson creates a sound that is uniquely So...  more
emily PLAY  (Pop)

Emily is a British singer/songwriter about to take the music world by storm. With an ocean of amazing songs written and ready to go, it’s only a matter of time before someone with a little sense realises her true potenti...  more
empire  (Indie)

Empire formed at the start of 2004 after their previous bands had split, all the lads knew each other previously and decided the best thing to do was to merge as one. After rehearsing a new set of songs the band got gigg...  more
Endevour  (Alternative)

"Welsh boyos Endevour are a 5 piece Alt-rock outfit coming from the deepest darkest reaches of Wrexham. Drawing influence from bands such as Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Muse and Incubus, this Wrexham quintet have crafted ...  more
EntropyGimp  (Alternative)

EntropyGimp likes to paint pictures of alternative universe soundscapes where the local life forms speak slurred electronic jazzy sounds to communicate. Ambience comes in all sorts of metamorphosing strains dependin...  more
Eric A Bell  (Indie)

Thanks very much for visiting my page. I hope that you enjoy its content. All tacks are copyright 2003 Ancient Mariner Music (Independent) and were recorded at The Looney Bin studio. These compositions were produce...  more
Eric Stein  (Indie)

I grew up listening to music and was born on December 8th, 1980, the same day that John Lennon was shot. My parents say when I was little and crying if a Beatles song came on the radio, I would stop crying. Maybe...  more
EricM  (Dance)

There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to party locations and dance music with an edge – where there are surfers there is always a wicked party and rave scene. The nascent South African rave and party scene faced...  more
Eternity Range  (Alternative)

Everafta  (Rock)

EVERAFTA BIOGRAPHY (2005) “Sensational (and loud) an electric and energetic show” Stuart Kidman - W. Sussex County Times Beautiful and violent, reckless yet enduring, strong yet fundamentally flawed. Everafta’s ...  more
Everett Young  (Pop)

Atlanta born solo artist Everett Young creates songs that are beguilingly organic. The layers slide so comfortably around each other that the tracks themselves appear deceptively simple. He composes the kind of music w...  more
Everstone  (Pop)

Jonston has always been fascinated with art and music and they both became a focus at an early age. Jonston had a knack for creative writing as made scrapbooks of poetry and artwork from the age of ten. He gives most of ...  more
Eyon  (Urban)

Eyon is from Tulsa Oklahoma. R&B, Gospel, Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul is the way she translates her experiences, history, ideas, and creativity into songs. She is a unique individual with a distinctive song writing style which ...  more

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