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KALENA  (Indie)

The current incarnation of Kalena are at their most creative and confident point to date. With a very well received third e.p, This City owned by hundreds of people up and down the country, Kalena took their sound on ...  more
Kalimoto  (Pop)

Kalimoto are a 4-piece band from North Hampshire/South Berkshire region of the UK. Formed in 1999, and after a name and personnel change, they quickly found their identity and established their unique music style. The b...  more
Kaos Stylez  (Urban)

It All Started with a Dream and a Love for Music!!! A Street Kid from the Grimey Streets of Brooklyn Tired of What All That Brainwashing Shit That You See on T.V. and Hear on the Radio!!! Hiphop Was Lacking Some Tight Be...  more
Karma Destination  (Rock)

Music is a strange thing in all its widely differing styles and genres, its got identity, opinions, emotions, style, charisma, friendship and self analysis in abundance, it can make you or break you, it also has a knack ...  more
Kefee  (Urban)

Kefee is one of the bright shinning stars from Nigeria. She was recently niminated by her fans for the coverted " BEST AFRICAN TRADITIONAL ARTISTE" for Nigeria. Kefee was one of 5 nominess for the Kora award. The nominee...  more
Keldamuzik  (Urban)

KiDDO  (Rock)

"The Strokes on speed with distortion" - The Skinny Magazine 2006 It wasn't until January 2006 that this lineup was complete, when sandy turned up in his little ship and played his first gig with us after 4 days! we...  more
Killissimo  (Urban)

Killissimo ....... currently making moves, plus in tha studio and networking worldwide. ...  more
Kitsch  (Rock)

Dark with a hint of girl is the term conceived to best describe the South-West’s No 1 all girl rock band Kitsch. Formed late in 2003, the intention of Kitsch has always been straightforward – to play music that they lo...  more
Klavar  (Dance)

Klavar is made of two members. we have been making Dance music since 1998.  more
Klavar  (Dance)

This the debut album by Klavar eagerly awaited, this mix of dance and alternative styles has been bred from the definitive style that Tony Merritt and Kevin Parker posses. Artist in their own rights as solo producers cre...  more
Klean  (Urban)

R&B, Neo-soul and urban sounding Klean mixes the influences of Joe, Brian Mcknight and Ne-yo, to create a sound that will keep you begging for more. This classic clean shaved R&B crooner can morph into a ruggedly stre...  more
Kronik Trilogy Feat. Darryl D'Bonneau  (Dance)

Kronik Trilogy is New York based producer Victor Sanchez (Also recording under Kronik Swing) and Darryl D’Bonneau on Vocals. We do not have a biography on file for Victor Sanchez. Should you have a biography for Victor ...  more
Kurtis Mantronik  (Dance)

KURTIS MANTRONIK THE PLAYERS CLUB One of the most influential hip-hop producers of the 1980s, Kurtis Mantronik returned in the mid-'90s with a solo career that showed h...  more

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