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M'Fon Umana and The Real DREAM TEAM  (Urban)

M'Fon Umana and The Real DREAM TEAM are one of the bright new stars emerging from the Nigerian music scene today. M'Fon Umana and The Real DREAM TEAM is an MGN Africa, Perfect Pitch and Blue Pie artist. M'Fon Uma...  more
Madam Majestic  (Dance)

Paulisa Morman aka Madam Majestic is the wife of Carlos Bess of C12 who co-writes and produces all of Madam Majestic’s vintage and avangarde nuggets. We do not have a full biography on file for Paulisa Morman aka Mad...  more
Madi Simmons  (Other)

i would like to thank stayaround music for having me on this page, i am a singer song writer, i love the positive message of this music,i know that it may not be to everyones liking, but isnt that what makes the world go...  more
madkaps  (Rock)

MADKAPS is a punk-rock band. All their compositions talk about life, like being a teenager as simple as that.Formed by 3 musicians who want to have a good times playing their music, madkaps just want to grow little by li...  more
Majek Fashek  (Urban)

Majek Fashek is one of the increasing number of African artists to be drawn to the music of the Caribbean, specifically reggae, rather than indigenous hybrids such as fuji, juju or highlife. Having grown up in a ferventl...  more
Makers of Movement  (Alternative)

Makers of Movement are a collaboration of DJs, Producers and Musicians from the Isle of Wight. We generally work remotely. Someone may start something and then send it to another person, who will finish it off or remix a...  more
Malibongwe  (Urban)

Malibongwe Fololo is a gifted alto saxophonist and a superlative African Traditional jazz and gospel saxophonist. He hails from a musical but not popular family, typical of all Black South African Families whose music is...  more
Marco Esu  (Acoustic)

Marco Esu was born in San Gavino Monreale (a small town in Sardinia) on 16 December 1973. He took his first steps in the art world when he was just 8 years old, initially showing interest in the figurative arts. Subseque...  more
Marcus John  (Urban)

A vocal style superbly adept to R&B/SOUL described by many as a mix between Babyface & Michael Jackson. Writing songs that combine infectious choruses, original lyrics and inventive production ideas. Having penned lyrics...  more
Mario Piu'  (Dance)

Mario Più is a DJ- producer from Livorno, Italy. He loves motorbikes, especially Harley Davidson ones, but he loves music so much that it's become his job. Mario’s was firstly influenced by the likes of Kraftwerk, Depech...  more

MARK.J.STEVENS© Artist description: Singer/Songwriter and Lead Guitarist.... Music Style: Modern Pop with 60's/80's Values Musical Influences: Prince, Seal, George Michael, Michael Jackson a...  more
Mark Rogers  (Dance)

Mark Rogers has unique ability to create music which has his stamp of individuality, yet has a global accessibility. As a respected producer,songwriter,and performer, he has lef...  more
Mark S Moody  (Other)

For years he played everything form Top 40 Rock to Top 40 Country down in Houston, Texas. The years he was there seemed like a golden time for Houston and Pasadena, where he worked. Mark met many fine musicians and peopl...  more
Mark Southeron  (Alternative)

MARK SOUTHERON Sydney born producer ,songwriter and musician Mark Southeron brings an eclectic mix of styles to the fore. Mark worked as guitarist ,songwriter and programmer for Aussie bands The Story and Field o...  more
Mateo & Matos  (Dance)

Mauro Picotto  (Dance)

Mauro Picotto is a genuine superstar from Italy. Thousands of adoring fans queue up around the block to see him DJ from Birmingham to Buenos Aires, Manchester to Madrid, Cardiff to Colombia and America to Asia. His reco...  more
meanstoakill  (Heavy Metal)

Mechanical Me  (Dance)

mez  (Rock)

mez - singer/songwriter/recordist for film, tv, and artists  more
Michael Barnes  (Alternative)

I've been writing Industrial and Metal since the 90's in a solo project called Systematic Shut Down. People have always said my Industrial music is very textured...but not everyone has a taste for the kind of aggressive,...  more
Michael Hirsch  (Indie)

It was a simple goal: to make an album in which the songs are based around keyboard riffs and complete electronic arrangements, but in a live setting need only an acoustic guitar. The result of this experiment was lo fi ...  more
Michael Lang  (Rock)

Michael Lang has a wonderful easygoing style unto his own. He is a 18 year old singer, songwriter and guitarist. His vocals are passionate and determined while his lyrics are uplifting, modern and inspirational. Michael...  more
Michael Lawrence  (Pop)

Michael Lawrence is known and respected as a leader in Sydney’s lively hospitality industry. For those not in the know, Lawrence is currently the Business Development Manager for The Eastern Hotel, the new hybrid venue ...  more
Micky  (Pop)

Micky, an extraordinary recording artist and performer has accomplished years of performing experience from a variety of songs ranging from Pop, to R&B, to Classical, and even soprano solos in the top-notch choir called:...  more
MiDiMoB  (Urban)

We are Detroit, Michigan area producers looking to make a living from music one day. We have collaborated with many artists from Detroit. We are looking to meet other artists and network with them also. We are currentl...  more
Mila  (Dance)

Hailing from Rome Italy, Camilla Avvantaggiato aka Mila is KULT record’s rising Star. At only 22 years of aga her rich sulty voice sounds much more mature than what one would expect from such...  more
MILK  (Alternative)

Catch for free MILK new video on CNET at http://video.download.com MILK available worldwide on iTunes, RealNetworks, AOL Musicnow, Audio Lunchbox & Karmadownload! As Seen in Rolling Stone Magazine. Produced by Fr...  more
MILLIONS OF YEARS  (Alternative)

MILLIONS OF YEARS (Artist Biography) It is said a lot about Russia: good and bad. The funniest thing is to listen to the foreigner who has met "the wrong Russian" or speak about the country while they have never been ...  more
Minister Kaine  (Urban)

Minister Kaine New Music for New Times!  more
Miso  (Heavy Metal)

What happens when you mix the musical talents of 4 Essex boys ? It all started when Yan was out one friday night looking after some severely drunk young ladies when he bumped in to old school friends and long time nei...  more

MISS KRISTIN is Sultry New Age Folk Rock delivering timeless melodies and lyrics, exceptional arrangements and A+ instrumentation. Sure to be a classic! MISS KRISTIN is NEW MUSIC FOR A NEW AGE! Hear it First!  more
Mixed Elements  (Dance)

Brooklyn World Music/ MIXED ELEMENTS (Bret Fredrick pka Dj trackilla and the mixed elements jammers) "BROOKLYN WORLD MUSIC" While television and computers make the world ...  more
Mlungisi Mthethwa AKA "Mlu"  (Urban)

Born in Durban ( Umlazi), South Africa in a traditionally rich Zulu heritage, Mlungisi was raised by a family highly influenced by Gospel music. At the age of 7, Mlungisi started performing in the choir at the ‘Assemb...  more
Model Airplanes  (Rock)

ABOUT MODEL AIRPLANES Built up after the demise of their first band Marzipan, Brandon Sims and Kevin Silverthorne wanted to create a more diverse sound with a stronger line up. They teamed up with brothers Chris and Co...  more

Hello, I'm MONROVIA, The Black Money Boy. I was born in the West African Natiion, LIBERIA. My first school attended was the Daniel E. Howard elementary. It is located on the United Nation Drive, in Monrovia, the capi...  more
Monte Carlo Method  (Alternative)

Strong melodies, chopped up and re-sampled audio, guitars and solid beats characterises the sound of Monte Carlo Method, a one-man studio act currently residing in South East London. Conceived on buses and trains and any...  more
Moody Jay  (Dance)

Moody Jay is Magic!  more
Morrison & Sidoli  (Dance)

M&S TRACKS MORRISON &SIDOLI M&S. Ricky Morrison and Fran Sidoli were old school buddies who lost each other after leaving school and got back togethe...  more
Mowbil  (Other)

Mowbil a.k.a Stuffy started producing his music in 1999, and officially launched his record label early 2005. He has worked with several artists like, G-dogg (Adassie), Eibee, Stonez, Baruje and host of others. His mix-t...  more
MUNKIE  (Dance)

Munkie music is a melting pot of ideas influenced by a variety of genres all developed into an original sound. The music has been likened to Morcheeba, Goldfrapp, Zero 7, Air, David Holmes, The Blow Monkeys and Boards of...  more

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