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Taejah  (Urban)

Artist Bound for Universal Appeal!  more
Tahra  (Pop)

Tahra, a 17 year old singer and dancer, is in comparison, Perth’s answer to a new style Britany. She is blonde, gorgeous and has a great vocal capacity, as well as being energetic and fun. Tahra’s EP release features 2 e...  more
Taka Boom  (Dance)

Taka Boom was born Yvonne Stevens in Chicago, Illinois on October 8, 1954; a year and a half after her sister Yvette, better known as Chaka Khan , had arrived into this world. The two sisters a...  more
TEEVO  (Alternative)

*TEEVO formed in early 2003 in a wooden hut in a car park from the ashes of Britpop and playing in awful bands when they were 14. Months of rehearsing with various line-ups occurred often, until one day they actually man...  more
Terry Hunter  (Dance)

TERRY HUNTER UBQ PROJECT Imagine music which could cast an effect like ubiquity on the ears of its listeners, music which one could feel behind o...  more
Tete Jnr & The Kaananites  (Urban)

Tete Jnr & The Kaananites are one of the new rising stars from Nigeria. Tete Jnr. and the kannanities Band are a fussion of the most colourful and rich cultural/Traditional as well as modern music performance. Tete J...  more
The Avant Bard  (Alternative)

Classically trained, Rik performed in many orchestral concerts during his youth:- high points included a tour of the US and being conducted by Ron Goodwin. 8 years globe trotting, entertaining crowds from the streets of ...  more
The Big Slow  (Acoustic)

Hi all We are a 3 piece acoustic band from THURROCK in ESSEX. We have been together now for about a year. Terry:~ Guitars & Vocals. Neil:~ Guitars, Percussion & Backing vocals. Rob:~ Lead Guitar. We write, arrange,...  more
The Bleed  (Rock)

The bleed were primarily formed by singer songwriter's stanlee & billy (guitars & vox) and material was written over a six month period and road tested around Australia acoustically through a number of avenues including ...  more
The Captain's Package  (Other)

If you've enjoyed the music of Faith no More, The B52s and Talking Heads, then you will love the sound of Sydney four-piece, The Captain's Package. Fused from four like minded, yet fiercely independent musicians, The C...  more
The Code  (Rock)

The Code happened when the distinctive entertainer Clive Donaldson teamed up with producer Steve Calvert to make pure stadium rock - British style. While 1960s-inspired, hedonistic Britpop and Indie Rock make their re...  more
The Divide  (Rock)

The Divide are an energetic, heavy rock band based in East Anglia UK. Their music has one foot in classic rock, and the other in more modern waters. Vocalist and lyricist, Garth Coupland, sings his words with power and c...  more
The Don  (Dance)

Giovanni aka The Don is a talented producer from Rome Italy who moved in his early 20's to New York City. With a style hard to describe, The Don's music has a unique flavor . We do not have a biography on file for ...  more

THE FAKERS collectively the THE FAKERS are the best band you've yet to here of. Individually they are:- Dave Marmion-Vocals Phil Swift-Lead Guitar Mick Loveridge-Rhythm Guitar Howard White-Bass Dan Bennett-Dru...  more
The Floors  (Indie)

The Floors are 4 boys from Australia, who are capturing their audiences not only only their brilliant musicianship and songs but because the girls love em! Each has an attitude and style individual to themselves and to ...  more
The Gravity Thieves  (Rock)

Jay Baumgartner: One of two amazing singer/songwriters. A multi–instrumentalist who excels at Guitar & Saxophone. In the early 90s he headed out to get his own music out to the people. He is an amazing artist in music as...  more
The Griff  (Other)

The Best unsigned rapper/producer.  more

THE LAST TAXI have had tv airplay on channel 4 freesports and Chennel 5 RAD AND RAD USA.ALSO recently on BBC for CHILDREN IN NEED with Bryan Mcfadden. hear new tracks and see biog at www.lasttaxi.co.uk VOTE FOR...  more
The Mystic Underground  (Other)

Born in 1999 and raised in the jungles of the New York City scene, The Mystic Underground are at the forefront of the new electronic pop movement.  Blending the sounds of new wave, post-punk, Britpop, and alternative dan...  more
The Mystic Underground  (Dance)

Electronic popsters The Mystic Underground have done it! They've come out from hiding to unveil a new batch of songs for the general public called "Under The Clearest Moon". Due for digital worldwide release in late May-...  more
The Outpsider  (Dance)

Formed of blood and bone, steel pierced flesh in anger and the OUTpsiDER was reborn. A hazardous journey through the minefields of life, dodging the flak while digging up the dirt. I taught myself to hate. I taug...  more
The Prior Scott Project  (Pop)

The Prior/Scott Project are based in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Working together since 1998 this 2 piece band is a work of art, from costume changes, light show, and great sound, performing an array of classic p...  more
The Puffins  (Rock)

The Puffins remain a mystery to themselves as well as others... a pop secret as it were, of an alternate space in pop culture.  more
the pull  (Rock)

I. BRIEF HISTORY Established in 1998, we are a five-piece Aternative Rock band of long time friends from Ocean Springs, Ms. We all attended the same high school together whe we started to learn how to play music. ...  more
The Reel Banditos  (Pop)

These dudes have been on the run since 2001 when they stole Sinatras Nude Sessions tape reel. As you can imagine, FBI, CIA, KGB, the Mafia and Fidel Castro were not amused and hired hitman Francisco Scaramanga to deal wi...  more


THE VAGUES is a Ft. Lauderdale based art rock band from 1992. The cd LIVE IN AMSTERDAM is a bootleg recording of a warmup set. This is the only available recording. THE VAGUES: That Pat Joyce - bass Cactvs Chris -...  more
THE WAY  (Rock)

"They were sent here in 2001, to lead you to rock 'n' roll glory"-since then, THE WAY have performed internationally, won various battle of the bands competitions, and have played, and even headlined music festivals alon...  more
The Welfare Committee  (Acoustic)

The Welfare Committee started as an idea in my head. I wanted a way to express myself. Its not about money or fame its about beening heard. You can describe the feeling u get when u write a song and someone actually li...  more
the world  (Indie)

The world 00-353-1-6211891 francis.long@ntlworld.ie www.theworldmusic.info According to web stats www.theworldmusic.info has received 4730 hits in the past two weeks as word spreads of this band. The band is curre...  more
Things in Herds  (Indie)

Melancholic songs played on acoustic guitars and synths accompanied by the sight of horse wars and fantastic monuments.  more
Three Ring Circus  (Rock)

Born out of a devotion to music, friendship and a chance bus stop meeting, 3 Ring Circus formed in Autumn 2002. Initial steps were tentative as three friends reacquainted themselves and the new boy tried to fit in, and t...  more
thug syndicate recordz  (Other)

surpluz rage was born in sierra leone,west afrika. his love for music started at the age of 12 as a kid he always stand clear among the rest for his aggressive vocals and unigue style which attribute ...  more
Tiresias  (Dance)

Todd Tobias  (Dance)

Todd Tobias, star of Impact, Freezing Point, Feersum and Elasticman returns to Nukleuz after the success of his ‘Desert Storm’ collaboration with the legendary Ed Real. 'Under One' is the perfect trance track for the...  more
Tom Kerswill  (Acoustic)

Tom is an Indie musician based in Totnes, Devon. The music features lots of acoustic guitar and the songs are simple and singable. He's made appearances at various festivals this Summer, including Glastonbury and the Sma...  more
Tom Neville  (Dance)

24 year-old Tom has a long history of producing dance music, but it’s in the last year that he has perfected his razor-sharp take on house and in return his profile has gone sky high…and December saw him listed as a Mixm...  more
Tommee and The Neighbourhood  (Urban)

Tommee was born in the heart of the jungle, in a village called Bima in Sumbawa Island on the Eastern side of Indonesian archipelago. His musical journey began in his mother's kitchen, with an orchestra of instrument...  more
Tony Gallicchio  (Rock)

With the piano as his main instrument, He has blended the styles of jazz, blues, and funk to make a style of his own. His debut album has just been released and is ready to expand the minds of its listeners. Emphasis on ...  more
Tony Tetuila  (Acoustic)

For Tetuila AKA Anthony Olanrewaju Awotoye, singing is a passion for him. He had always wanted to sing right from his days in secondary school. He didn't get the chance to demostrate his love of music however until he go...  more
Toyin  (Soul)

As a singer, songwriter, poet/rapper, Toyin combines a strong, sensuous voice full of emotion with lyrics that deal with abandonment & renewed hope. She composed her first song at the age of 7 & currently holds a portfol...  more
Trace Element  (Heavy Metal)

Trace Element is about life, it is about bringing all the elements that make up a person together and then turning this into sound. That is what we all are. We are the light, the sound, and elements that make up the eart...  more
Trademark  (Pop)

Trip C  (Urban)

We from da Bahamas. Everyone was solo before and then just decided to link up. Combining rap with a little island flavor. This ain't none ah dat corny rap shit........We do the dam thing. Everyone in the group has a diff...  more

Trishaa Moran was born into a very creative and musical family. From the age of six she had piano and singing lessons. She moved with her parents to London where she lived during her teenage years. Trishaa started to per...  more
Tuman  (Other)

Tuman: An artist with a difference. Combining the sheer passion of the East and the dynamism and the energy of the west, Tuman's music provides the listener with a sense of relaxation yet never losing sense of time and...  more
Twenty One Rest  (Rock)

TwentyOneRest blends Emo and Hard Rock into a form of alternative Rock centered around strong melodies, driving rock beats, raw emotion, and pure energy. Twentyonerest took form in March of 2000 out of San Diego, CA. Fro...  more

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