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Article: Booking and getting your sound heard

If you think your ready to take to the stage then the next step is to find yourself that venue to launch yourself, OK, so you are reaping the rewards for using the distribution power of Stayaround, but itís the gigging that you also need to get going, as this is front facing and can give your fan base access to the real you, your live sound and presence.

For any club owner or talent booker/buyer, the bottom line is the bottom line i.e.: what he is getting back financially for taking the risk with you, your band or your act in his/her venue or bar, remember itís his/her reputation also!

You have to convince the venue owner or booker that you will raise that bottom line (Income for the venue through door takings or bar takings) than the competition or the next band or act, buy either bringing along a coach full of people, your friends, family or even a rent a crowd of old school friends! All that matters is that you pack the venue. Unless you are a household name or have a major record deal round the corner then you will have to do more than just show up in order to pack the club or venue, you need a winning marketing, press and promotion plan which we have detailed here at Stayaround.

Furthermore you will need to hit every press contact, or gig reviewer in the area, so before contacting the club, establish relationships with local press, compile a mailing and/or even better a emailing list from your Stayaround account, send him her an email, get them to download your MP3, or realtone from the Stayaround.

Educate yourself with the various avenues of promotion that are available to you either here at Stayaround or through contacts within local colleges, the internet, business link organisations, local or government backed initiatives are also a great avenue to explore, speak to friends and family who may be involved within this sector You also have the option to share your information with like minded artists on Stayaround, by using your homepage fans and music lovers can preview or review your music, gigs, update themselves on your latest studio session and perhaps recommend local venues that might be relevant to you and your sound.

Find the coffee shops, bars or cafťís in town that have bulletin boards, or better still sound systems installed, a free CD for the bar owner to play might hit the right earsÖremember the right sound for the right time is a golden rule, so donít expect early morning customers to respond to your latest Thrash metal track!

Research local colleges, Universityís and schools for bulletin boards and community radio stations, if itís local then your are more likely able to get an interview or performance from them if they have a live studio set up, perhaps a gig at the end of term party.

Disused window space, railings or hoardings are common ground for advertising, most majors use this medium, be prepared to flypost them with your gig info, band website, or info on when and where the band are selling CDís. Do your research on this before going ahead as this may lead to some legal issues or actual police interest!

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