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Dj Unload - BUGGED OUT E.P. [Dj Krisco's Krank Mix] [133bpm]

Artist: Dj Unload
Title: Krisco’s Krank Mix
Produced By: Dj Unload
Remixes: Dj Krisco

Progressive and dark remix of the original Dj Unload “Bugged out” track with a total new drive and with break beat “ break downs” . DJ Krisco’s high-octane “Krank Mix’ adds New York big room to this 12’.

Rene Hewitt – The Newsletter NYC

DJ Unload “The Bugged Out E.P. KULT Hardware Records

"Known for his leftfield approach to dance music, DJ Unload doesn’t disappoint listeners with his new 12”. The E.P. features post-apocalyptic rhythms in the shape of ‘K.O’ and First Round’,tracks which redefine the meaning of the word ‘raw’. Percussion- and sample-driven, with sounds that can best be described as gnarly’, Dj Unload’s breaks latch themselves onto your psyche and hang o fro dear life. ‘Bugged Out’, the title track, is smooth and more laid-back courtesy of a profusion of distorted flute samples. Dj Krisco’s high-octane “Krank Mix’ adds New York street aesthetic to the mixture, making this 12 “ a ubiquitous dancefloor fixture in the coming months."

Larry Flick -Billboard Magazine

DJ Unload “The Bugged Out E.P. KULT Hardware Records

The Bugged Out E.P.”IN THE MIX: The enigmatic DJ Unload returns with a stellar new EP, appropriately named “Bugged Out”. Gaining respect throughout the East Coast underground for his left-leaning house perspective, he appears poised to move up to a higher, more mainstream position of prominence with this project, with rugged, sample-happy anthems like “K.O.” and “First Round”. The title cut is more smooth and easygoing, due largely to a spree of fluttering flutes and jazzy synths that nicely flesh out the melody. In all, an essential turntable item. If you haven’t vybed DJ Unload yet, take the time do so right now.

IN THE MIX: Billboard Magazine-

Track Genre: Dance
Track Length: 05:56
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