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Controversy Kills

Artists Genre: Rock

Controversy Kills is an American rock band, formed in 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts when multi instrumentalist Hicks of the band Living Chaos wrote and recorded a homemade album based on a relationship gone sour and later added (Guitarist/Vocalist) Rhiannon Brown and (bassist/Vocals) Kara Ellison to the sessions. Hicks then requested Katie Beers (Keyboards/Vocals), Aaron Disney (Drums/Vocals), and finally asking former Living Chaos band mate Adam Strummer (Percussion/Effects) to join the emerging band. His decision proved to be a stroke of luck when the band turned out to become one of the most sought after rock acts of 2006, most notably due to their influential debut effort Simple Ways of Saying Goodbye (2005). Not one particular genre eludes them as they strive to include every musical element they possess into their sound.

With a mix of acoustic...punk...emo.....trance.. there is sure to be a sound that you can a enjoy....a lyric you can relate to.. a member that you wish that was you....this is everything that is you. With a new album in the works...and a tour in November...be sure to look for what all your friends have already known.... Controversy Kills.

Top tracks from this artist:
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Everything We Thought Was So Simple
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Listen to a previewControversy Kills
Let It Go
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Listen to a previewControversy Kills
Thoughts We Let Fade
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