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Culture Galaxy International

Contact details for Culture Galaxy International:

Culture Galaxy International
No 32, Okunola street.


w www.culturegalaxy.4t.com
e culgalaxinter@yahoo.com


Culture Galaxy International (CGI) is a private initiative culture-oriented organization established on February 1, 2000 and affiliated to various National and International cultural bodies CGI`s aims and objectives includes the promotion of bilateral relationship between Nigeria and the rest of the world through Musics. This, we believe, is capable of breaking racial, social and religious barriers.

CGI has in the last seven years, Produce Musical albums and performances in the following countries: Denmark (sport and cultural festival Landsstaevne 2002), Spain (world folkdance festival palma-de- malorca) Turkey (International Kusadasi folk dance festival) among many other countries. Also, it has staged music concert in Nigeria:

Most expeciall the AMINGOS CONCERT.

CGI has equally hosted culture and performances from Poland, Costar Rica, Denmark Libya, Ghana e.t.c in Nigeria. Such cultural exchange programs have opened doors for Nigeria musical artists, thus recreating Nigeria image in a positive way.

The objectives of culture galaxy primarily are as follows

- to promote an understanding between people across different border through Music and Culture

- to stress the view of culture as a bearer of local, regional or identity, and so, placing it in the center of international exchange of ideas, views, and expression;

- to break racial and religious barriers through cultural interrelations;

- to enrich and develop future cultural activities through festivals, competition, training courses, workshop and conferences;

- to welcome and honors invitations that comes to us from any part of the world in relation to our aims and objectives.

Future Perspectives.

Since the year 2000, culture galaxy international has being waxing stronger in the area of dance performances as she has become a force to recon with at various competition and festivals. Within her radar few years of existence she increased membership strength, made a significant impact positively on the cultural perspective Nigeria and Nigerians and in the not too distance future, hope to take Nigeria cultural heritage to the peak it all. We are also working tirelessly to integrate cultural activities to create friendship, peace and mutual understanding among people, regardless of race, sex, religion and colors.

CGI understands Dance as an integral part of cultural life. As people manifest their culture through their specific participation in Dance, it is important to promote and to deepen a coherent view of Dance and culture.

Dance as movement culture is, thus, a field where cultural identity as well as international understanding can be developed.

In the context of Dance and Culture, Dance is understood not only as competitive activities and health-related exercises, but also as recreation, pastimes, games and leisure activities.

Dance/Culture is an essential part of education, and a way of educating people to be responsible citizens in their society.

Culture as a way of life includes besides Dance and games also traditional customs and festivities, music, song, theatre and other creative and social activities.


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