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Judy Bady - DJ SAMPLER 6 [Planetary - Wha Wha Inst. Mix] [127bpm]

Artist: SAMPLER 6 Planetary Feat. Judy Bady
Title: Treat Me Right
Produced By: Planetary Dreams
Style: Deep musical inst.

The wha wha mix is an inst. Mix of the Judy Bady treat me right package produced by Planetary. This mix has sound effects that are very interesting and well done. The tempo picks up and the mood just does it to itself. Listen to this record. It has a Vibe .

Rene Hewitt – The News letter

Various Artists DJ Sampler Vol. 6 KULT Records

Kult Records Real house enthusiasts have come to eagerly await the release of each new Kult sampler. Installment # 6 does not disappoint: this four cut EP has something for everyone and maintains a very high standard of quality throughout. Andy Roberts opens with a hard tribal jam that sounds a bit too much like “Blow Your Whistle”, but it is effective and a floor mover. Tobi One’s “Hard Disco” cut takes a more trancee and deep direction with a rugged disco-y loop as its center. This is fun to spring on the rave children! Wink’s “Saxy Girl” has an understated silky vibe that is quite moving once you pay attention. Planetary’s “Wah Wah Mix” has me going crazy over its unstoppable keyboard riffing although it is not their best work. Overall, a fine set that is useful to most working househeads.

DMA Dance music Authority

Various Artists DJ Sampler Vol. 6 KULT Records
Kult Records Sixieme volet de la serie des DJ Sampler sur Kult qui une nouvelle fait preuve d’une grande diversite musicale et qui fait honneur cette fois-ci aux excellents rythmes tribaux d’Andy Roberts, a une version hard disco du newcomer d’Outre-Manche, Tobi One, et a deux tracks honnetes de Planetary et de W.I.N.K.

PartyNews -Switzerland

Various Artists DJ Sampler Vol. 6 KULT Records

If you are fortunate to have DJ Samplers volume one through five in your essential vinyl collection, then you have come to expect quality music of the highest order. DJ Sampler Volume 6 is in keeping with its predecessors, with an eclectic mix of house tracks to suit all tastes. Brazilian butacada rhythms run rife through ‘Big Daddy Beats’, Andy Roberts’ hardcore house extravaganza. Roberts, who brought you the much-lauded ‘Vinyl Frontiers’ E.P. last year, seamlessly meshes progressive house with a flavorsome backdrop of kick drums and high hats. Already receiving major buzz from the likes of Cevin Fisher, this track is an incendiary dancefloor must-have! For those who like their deep grooves to be on the absolute cutting edge, New Jersey-based production duo, James Rivera and Christian Perez' instrumental reworking of the soon-to-be released full vocal ‘Treat Me Right’ will give you spine-tingling sensations. Aptly titled the ‘Wah Wah Mix,’ this track is as leftfield as you can get, while still retaining that essential deep house aesthetic. Already a favorite with producer Terry Hunter, Rivera and Perez weave surrealistic magic propelled by a chunky, walking baseline and retro-style synth melodies courtesy of the Nord Lead keyboard. The track is a breath-taking excursion into the realms of deep, classic house with a post-modern twist. If speed garage has become formulaic, with most tracks sounding like carbon copies of each other, ‘Hard Disco’ starts where the others end. The father of this sonic progeny is London-based producer, Toby. Commit the name to memory for you shall be hearing a lot more from this seriously ‘kultivated’ talent. Disco breaks are sliced and diced with a serious infusion of hooks. ‘Hard Disco’ never lets up as it builds into a storming crescendo of layered music madness. Speed garage never sounded so good.The DJ Sampler Volume 6 concludes with a sublime cut from the enigmatic, Holland-based W.I.N.K. and the kinetic cut ‘Saxy Girl’, fluttery sax breaks and smooth, sensual vocals skip over a driving deep house underlay. Running at nearly nine minutes of heaven, “Saxy Girl” hooks the listener immediately and, unlike other tunes that fade into oblivion after several plays, this cut has serious dancefloor endurance. As always the DJ Sampler series delivers with Volume. 6, which goes way beyond the call of duty. It offers more than expected with four cuts of the juiciest house for connoisseurs, who want to get deeply ‘kultivated.’

June Joseph (Billboard Mag/Paper Mag/BPM)

Track Genre: Dance
Track Length: 07:36
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