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Article: Do I need to hire an outside marketing company?

This is a big chunk of money/budget that if you are just starting out you could probably do without, donít forget the internet is one of the best ways to get noticed, It doesn't require an expert to do the kind of self-promotion that many artists have used to achieve local and regional success, with your own gig listing and band page here at Stayaround you can get to avenues and countries that might be into what you have to offer musically.

Stayaround is very easy to manage, almost a maintenance free promotional tool that could help you on the way to success or at least getting a gig, piece of remix work or joint venture with other bands. It could also be the way that you find that vocalist, drummer or roadie youíve been searching for.

If you do decide to hire a marketing or promotional consultant, make sure that your goals are absolutely clear, specific, and agreed upon by both parties. Money is the most important thing when you start out, so make sure that results are verifiable and that press is results driven. There are quite a few unscrupulous radio promotion people and companies out there, for example, who will generate false airplay reports. Make sure airplay (aka 'spins' or plays on radio) can be verified by the airplay monitoring services available in most territories, these are good gauge of who is playing what and when. You should also personally call and verify that all radio stations that are supposed to playing your music, are actually doing so, find out who produces each show, get email addresses and collate as much info as possible so that you can approach them safe in the knowledge that you actually know what you are talking about.

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