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DEEP SWING feat. Reinard Luke [On Sax] - Do You Really Want Love? [DEEP SWING Urban Motion Mix] [125bpm]

Artist: Deep Swing feat. Renard Luke on SAX
Title: Do You Really Wanna Love?
Produced By: Deep Swing
Style: Jazzy Sax House
Year: 1997

This is what a call a Saxy House track! An up tempo dub with the same sax parts of the original Deep swing mix but chopped and loop in a new way-The energy is smooth and sexy.

Rene Hewitt The Newsletter NYC

Deep Swing Feat. Reinard Luke "Do You Really Wanna Love?" Kult Records

Yes, Kult is back from a brief hiatus, kicking off their summer with this jammin' release from one of my favorite remixing/production teams. Eric Wikman and DJ JD, aka Deep Swing. Check out that killer jazzy sax work by Reinard Luke, especially on the Deep Swing Original mix: with it's muted garage keywork, gritty boppin' beat and the occasional whispered "do you really wanna love?" mantra, this one's just a joy listen and dance to from the first note to the last. The Urban Motion Dub spices it up and smoothes it over a bit, adding a deeper bass rumble and a few more layers of keys and percussion: a sassy Saxapella is also included for your remixing pleasure. Yum.

DMA Dance Music Authority

Deep Swing Feat. reinard Luke "Do You Really Wanna Love?" Kult Records

Do ya like phat-as-ya-like swinging garage instrumentals with uplifting rasping sax solos that shake you to the very foundation? Well, if the answer is yes, here's a corker that'll do just that. Reinard Luke licks the reed and blows over a driving backbeat of pure garage delight created by Eric Wikman and DJ JD. In three captivating creations.

Blues & Soul (House Nation)

Deep Swing Feat. reinard Luke "Do You Really Wanna Love?" Kult Records

New York jazzy-house-garage that's totally led by Reinard Luke's superb meandering freestyle sax, pulling us along like he's the Piped Piper. Yogi: A top offering that holds the floor no probs. A screaming sax makes it happen over a jumping backing. You may perhaps have heard it one or twice before on a Lenny Fontana track, but there's still mileage in this kind of stuff in my opinion. A recommended jam with almost 17 minutes worth of pleasurable jazz happenings.

DJ Magazine UK

Deep Swing Feat. reinard Luke "Do You Really Wanna Love?" Kult Records

Kult should do well with the Urban Motion Dub, jazzy and upbeat with disco flava that kicks, on Deep Swing featuring Reinard Luke's "Do You Really Wanna Love?" and should drop with the London underground massive. The jazzy sax n' breathy vocals of the Deep Swing Original with breakdowns will appeal to the nu-soul heads, and a grower for sure. Check it!

mixmag UK

Track Genre: Dance
Track Length: 07:54
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