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Chris Wilson - Duluth Street

Producer: Chris Wilson
Remixer: Chris Wilson

If you follow love when it walks out your door
You may find yourself where you’ve never been before

Where heavy eyes and exhilaration came to meet
I stood staring down an empty street

Where wind blows no-one knows
It’s just like love as it comes and it goes

Out in the street
Everyday life got me so high
Out in the street
I came to believe my life was a magical story

(Verse 2)
Duluth Street on a Friday evening for two a table is set
The mystery of love is hard to forget

The days just fold on over me
Casually numbing my sense of reality
Lord keep me in a place of always seeing
The glory in just being

Out in the street
In a distant land faraway from home
With nothing but a backpack and plane ticket to call my own
I had an adventure that changed everything I’d come to know

Track Genre: Acoustic
Track Length: 04:26
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