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eindie Records

Sample of artists signed to this label:
Artist Name: Genre:
The Mystic Underground Other
Sir Prizefighter Alternative

Contact details for eindie Records:

w www.eindie.com
e stacey@eindie.com

Welcome to a company that actually cares about your music as much as you do.

If you're in it for the music, and not just the money, you're at the right place.

We are everything in the music business you thought didn't exist anymore.

We all gotta start someplace. And this is someplace alot of bands like your's are getting their start.

We're looking for new bands. New sounds. New is what we market

Hey, you found us. Let's talk.
You're in a band? You good? Lets talk.

eindie is a small non exclusive Internet Based record company based out of Brooklyn, NY.
We act as a non exclusive agent for the artists we represent.

We function a bit like a Talent Agency, except that we focus on building the represented artists' local fan bases, more than marketing them to labels.

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