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Artists Genre: Rock


“Sensational (and loud) an electric and energetic show”
Stuart Kidman - W. Sussex County Times

Beautiful and violent, reckless yet enduring, strong yet fundamentally flawed. Everafta’s tale to date is one of intense highs and lows, an on-going struggle that is reflected in their passionate performance.

Characterised by huge melodies, tight hooks that don’t let go and no fear of being labeled “punk-pop” (knowing that they can throw the heavy punches too). Everafta have always relied on solid riffs and tunes that a crowd of strangers can easily grab hold of, quickly making them one of the most adored bands in their home-town, coupled with a reputation of ‘delivering’ time and time again.

Everafta’s true strength relies on the constant battle between good and evil in their music, epitomised when the band’s original front man Phil Bland (or Fil Kablandski, as he was known) committed suicide in November 2001.

Their success in winning a place in their fan’s hearts and already cluttered CD shelves depends on their honesty in songwriting and power in their performance.Everafta have been through the dirt, been spat upon by fate and come out the other end with a big grin and a clenched fist, ready to go again.

Everafta’s latest recording, a full length studio album entitled “The Epitome of Normality”, was recorded in live takes at a make shift sound studio in their home town of Horsham. Produced on more favours than hard cash, Everafta have taken the punk ethic and applied it to a small town culture that has no idea (although much concern in) what they are doing.

Hardship makes a man, and what didn’t kill Everafta has only made them stronger. In an age where everyone in modern music wants to be ‘different’, the greatest bands just ‘are’.

This is Everafta. They ‘are’.

http://www.everafta.co.uk / http://www.myspace.com/everafta

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