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Taka Boom - Feel Good All Over [Studio 32 London Vocal] [126bpm]

Artist: Taka Boom
Title: Feel Good All Over
Produced By: Tony Rhone/Taka Boom
Style: Soulful Vocal House
Remixes: Studio 32
Year: 1996

Listen to this record from Taka Boom. It is a nice smooth and good quality track. The vocal here is wonderful. I like this record, work Taka Boom and Studio 32.

Rene Hewitt Ė The Newsletter NYC

Taka Boom- feel Good KULT Records

As labels turn their backs on the music that created them in the first place, and for good reason...MONEY...(the root of all evil...but hey we just canít live without it)...one can only feel a bit out of place in a club where the tracks are150 bpm, and kids run around with purple hair...for the older generation, we just canít accept that shit...but we live with it...There are only 3 independent labels left that are putting out good quality Garage styled dance music, and KULT is one of them..depending on who you ask Kult seems to be creating an image in Europe as the one true dance label in New York...why?...well simply because you need to adapt, and not abandon your children in a garbage can like a common crack-head...Damn...I need that hit cried the wolf before he got raped...where are my cds asked the little girl before she packed her bags to go WEST...never mind... And while Taka ainít no Chaka...Kahnís little sister who ainít that little had me doing the hustle while wailing on Studio 32ís remixes....now about those damn Sabrina Johnston 12 inches? Why must it be like that?

Ground Level Magazine NYC [Oscar Poche]

Track Genre: Dance
Track Length: 06:02
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