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Cricco Castelli - FUNKY SKUNKER E.P. [Spying Rome Inst.] [126bpm]

Artist : Cricco Castelli
Title: “Funky Skunker” [Spying Rome]
Style: Cut n chop melodic Hard dub
Produced by: Cricco Castelli

Hard musical inst. house-‘Spying Rome’ is a raw sonic extravaganza courtesy of sexy saxophones and a hard chick topped with tingly pianos.

Mixmag UK

Cricco Castelli “Funky Skunker E.P.” Kult Records

Cricco Castelli is the with no doubt the proof of The return of Kult to the top. After the huge success of “Life Is Changing”, Cricco strikes back with a superb production that melts divine baselines with some devilish rhythms. A remarkably orchestrated symphony which deserves the greatest attention.

PartyNews Magazine ( Switzerland)

Cricco Castelli “Funky Skunker E.P.” Kult Records

As a preview of the Miami’s craze, Kult Records delivers us some hot test pressings that announce the renewal of the “cult” label. With “I Can’t Stand The Night”, Carole Sylvan gives her vocals their whole dimensions on a bed of cool vibraphone and some nice keyboards. Check also the dub that sounds like a clash between DJ Sneak and some funky french house... not quite original, but ultra groovy and a sure bomb for the dancefloors. The audacity comes from Cricco Castelli’s “Funky Skunker”. Retro disco atmosphere but modern as the same time on the A side, when the B side offers a pumping house that fades into some real jazzy vibes. From the beginning to the end, Cricco plays with powerful sounds, spicy baselines and driving sax and keyboard solos. Finally, the single ends up with a kitschy reprise of Theolonious Monk’s melancholic “Round Midnight”. All That Jazz!


CODA February 98 (France)

Cricco Castelli Funky Skunker E.P. Kult Records

Kult Records gets 1998 off to a banging start with ‘Funky Skunker’, the eagerly anticipated E.P. from Cricco Castelli. The producer responsible for last year’s perrenial favorite “Life Is Changing’ returns with a superior E.P. featuring four brand new cuts that ably showcase the extreme talents of Castelli. The E.P. kicks off with ‘Funky Junky’, a funkfest featuring driving bass lines that collide with intricate melodies and soulful vocals. The kinetic “Everyday’ contains an insidious little hook that’s guaranteed to be an enduring crowd pleaser. ‘Spying Rome’ a raw sonic extravaganza courtesy of sexy saxophones and tinkley pianos. And finally, the E.P. closes with the loungy ’Round Midnight’. Sublime and ethereal in texture, this track displays the smoother side of Castelli. Industry buzz gas been overwhelming following the initial test pressings, ’Funky Skunker’ looks like following in its predecessor’s footsteps.

Mix Mag Magazine U.K.

Cricco Castelli "Funky Skunker" Kult Records

What's the difference between Leonardo da Vinci and Italian producer Cricco Castelli... no, four hundred plus years is not the correct answer. Actually, that's where their differences end, and their similarities begin. Like Da Vinci's masterpiece Mona Lisa, Castelli's "Funky Skunker" is estined to cause a stir amidst the conservative stalwarts of house music's officialdom. Furthermore, since George Clinton is already credited with adding funk to America's musical landscape, I can only bestow the title of "worthy protege," to Mr. Castelli. He launches his funk filled escapade with the disco-tainted track "Funky Junky." The funk that permeates from this track wastes no time to expose itself... youÕre suddenly hit by a funky guitar riff that quickly regresses into a retro bass line. As your bell-bottoms sway to the beat, a well placed sample of the enduring O'Jays classic "Back Stabbers" floats effortlessly betwixt the bass line. The second track, "Everyday," can only be described as eclectic funk wrapped in a house-beat enigma. Don't let the soothing bass line distort the true depths of this track. The real story is being played out beneath the bass, where the guitar gently serenades the piano - prepare your mind to listen - then you will hear. If wind instruments are more to your liking, then Side B holds no punches. "Spying Rome," the first delicious track on the flip side, should be renamed the "Drunken Saxtrumper." This track emerges from the abyss with a thumping bass, then without warning, its transported to a smoke filled jazz cafe on a smooth sample from Anita Baker's "Rapture," overlaid by the trumpet solo and sax sample. As this track matures it becomes apparent that it has entered a new plateau of funk. Before saying goodbye, Mr. Castelli takes us on a voyage to the continent that gave birth to humanity... nope, not New York. With its tranquilizing tribal pulsations and transformative assortment of samples and breaks, "Round Midnight" will leave you tribal disciples screaming for a "Round Midnight" E.P. As its name suggests, this track should be played sometime "Round Midnight," but on further review, I recommend a 4 A.M. preview for you daring vinyl jockeys. With this said just go grab yourself a copy. Luckily for us all, unlike Da Vinci's masterpiece, Castelli's masterpiece "Funky Skunker" can be replicated on vinyl.

Marcel - dancemusic.about.com

Track Genre: Dance
Track Length: 06:14
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