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Article: How do I build a fan base?

The old way was to get out into the big bad world and work at it, tell everyone about what you do, who you are, what they can expect to hear form you.

An offer to play clubs for free initially might help you along the way if bookers or agents are reluctant to book you. If you win over the crowd (or bring a healthy crowd of your own as mentioned above) they'll have you back. Do this in an ever-widening regional circle, returning on a regular basis, and you will eventually build a healthy regional fan base that you can manage on your home page here at Stayaround.com.

Build and maintain a database and e-mail addresses of your fans. Always look for opportunities to add names to your mailing list. Keep them up to date on your gigs and any other important news. Offer free tickets, t-shirts or other incentives such as competitions posted on your homepage as incentives to generate interest in you and your music.

By putting together a "street team" of fans or family in areas where you play, this can help promote your gigs, and spread the word on your music.Die-hard fans will work like crazy to be included on the guest list, or to be considered something of an insider for you or your band.

When producing CDs for sale or for promo purposes, be sure to include a logo, contact details and a URL, so that fans can punch in your details, Stayaround has some great marketing tools and logo’s that you can include in your sales literature, acting as an endorsement this will ensure that the person who is into your act recognises a universal logo that reverts A&R research specialist at record companies to notice and track you from their offices.

Be creative. Go where your audience is. Does your music appeal to high school students? Play lunchtime shows unusual places such as shopping centres/malls, skate parks, outdoor events that reflect your look, or just outside rail stations or parks…how about filming it, or creating a animation of your word and then distributing it here at Stayaround..Click here for more information.

Swap gigs with like-minded bands in your region, hang out with them on-line or party with them so that you become part of a particular scene within your specific genre. Offer to have them warm up or open up for you at clubs where you know that you draw well, In return you open for them in their strong areas and then share the memory in a joint newsletter or email to your fanbase.

There isn't any one road map or required way to build a following, each case is different, there are techniques that work well, ask around, take advice and take part in chat forums on-line, but more importantly come up with your own ideas, too.

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