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Label: Kult Records

Artists Genre: Dance


Like watching a bud develop into a rose, it is beauty to behold. The same can be said about the promising vocalist known as Jazmina. Hailing from New Jersey, she has spent countless hours in clubs such as Zanzibar and Sensations. Praising the Creator and the joy of life thru dancing. She is known for working herself into a frenzy which ultimately leads the entire dancefloor ralling behind her vocal outburst. This passion has been evident in all her recorded works. From her first two singles, “Can’t Treat Me This Way” and “Let The Rain Come Down” with the group Intense, her gospel-trained voice has always been outstanding. She believes her voice to be a blessing from God and sharing that gift with others is the best way to be thankful. Her next release was “Call Him Up” with Voices of 6th Ave, which is a traditiona African-American Christian reference to invoke spiritual awakening among its followers. Having you brought up to speed with her pre-KULT releases, wemark the further development in her career. Produced by Masters At Work, “Good Time” showed that with top notched production, Jazmina had a whole lot more to come. A top-ten dance hit on both sides of the Atlantic, “Good Time” exposed what happens when she is properly recorded and nurtured. Featured live at many key events such her multiple apparences at the Underground Network at the Sound Factory Bar with Louie Vega to Cafe con Leche with Lord G and the Bank to mention a few, Jazmina is ready to take the charts by storm.UK Imprint China Records licensed Goodtimes for single release and a great buzz is around this Artist. Like watching a bud develop into a rose, it is beauty to behold.

Top tracks from this artist:
Listen to a previewJazmina
Goodtimes [MAW Vocal Mix] [125bpm]
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Listen to a previewJazmina
Goodtimes [Dj Choco Vocal Mix] [126bpm]
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