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Label: DownStairs Entertainment

Artists Genre: Urban

"New young hip hop prodigy"

It's been a long time since a young artist stepped onto the scene with his own style and flavor, one that pushes the threshold of quality and performance to a new level.

The fans have been long awaiting someone that would bring the true meaning of music back into the limelight. To answer the desperate cries for true style and charisma comes Jugglez. Jugglez is the epitome of versatility...which is what the name implies.

His melodic style coupled with lyricism in its truest form speaks for itself. Be it Reggae, Hip Hop, or otherwise, Jugglez can create it with unparalleled skill.

His music was debuted on Hot 97's "Star and Buckwild" morning show where the ever critical Star said, "I like this kid...he's good." From then the music has run constantly and caught the ears of Wendy Williams who also played Jugglez's music.

Currently, Jugglez has a few full length music videos in constant rotation on public access television an his new school rendition of the LL Cool J hit song, “I Need Love” has been broadcast nationwide on BET. Jugglez is always in the studio constantly cranking out what we expect to be the next hit singles. To date, Jugglez has co-written songs with many artists such as Grammy winning, diamond selling, Big Yard recording artist Shaggy, Rayvon, Goldenchyl, and more.

Jugglez is surrounded by music professionals from every genre of music and all have predicted the same thing--he is the next big thing.

Check Jugglez out at: www.myspace.com/jugglez

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What I Can
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Hey Yo
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