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Artists Genre: Indie

The current incarnation of Kalena are at their most creative and confident point to date.

With a very well received third e.p, This City owned by hundreds of people up and down the country, Kalena took their sound on the road on a successful tour taking in venues in Manchester, Cardiff, Southampton, Leeds and London but to name a few, ending at the Charlotte in their hometown of Leicester.

Everything the band has ever done, all the gigs, the recordings, artwork and two tours has all been organised by the band, and carried through with an unrivalled enthusiasm. The sense of belief that surrounds the band and its fans has got them to where they are today. But that’s not enough, the band want more and they deserve more.

Being unable to classify their sound has always been a problem for the band. To say they sound indie is too clichéd, and rock sounds just too well, rock. Kalena’s sound lies somewhere between the two, an indie vibe with a rocky edge.

Kalena’s rise has been gradual and eventful taking in many fans and venues on their way. From the first gig at The Shed in Leicester to their recent headline performance at London’s Highbury Garage on a packed Saturday night.

Going back into the studio is the plan for the autumn to record the second e.p of the year. With Kalena’s sound getting progressively bigger end better and the fan base growing everyday surely Kalena’s time will come, and when it does happen it will be big and those who missed out on us will be kicking themselves……


for up to date info...
Website: http://www.kalena.org.uk/
+ www.myspace.com/kalenatheband

Email: kalenademos@hotmail.co.uk

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Test On Arrest
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Listen to a previewKALENA
This City
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