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Princess Julia - Moist [Swing 52 Rub N Dub] [126bpm]

Artist: Princess Julia
Title: Moist
Produced By: Wayne Rollins & Benji Candelario
Style: Talked Vocal deep House dub

Alright now, if you want to raise some eyebrows, just play this one. Princess Julia on this has some words that will make you gag. With her British accent, her voice is very effective as she tells you how she carrys.

Rene Hewitt – The Newsletter NYC

Moist- The Weebles featuring Princess Julia KULT Records

WARNING!!! This release is not for children under the age 16, contains explicit lyrics of a sexual nature and will cause excessive DANCING!!! As the saying goes: Weebles weebles, But they don’t fall down!! Well in this case, “They just BLOW UP”. The Weebles are: Benji Candelario and Wayne Rollins of Swing 52 fame, and Princess Julia is the long-ruling DJ Diva of London’s underground house scene. This tune pumps from from beginning to end and will definitely leave you MOIST with sweat. Aimed at extensive Club play and Mixshows that know when the FCC is not listening!

Melvin Moore – [Record Promotion]

Track Genre: Dance
Track Length: 06:11
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