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Audio File Conversion

There are a few reasons why you would want to convert audio files, for instance, you may have them stored on your computer as high quality .wav files, and need to convert them to MP3 for upload to stayaround, or you may have higher bit rate MP3ís that you need to upload to stayaround and reduce the bit rate for smaller file size. To do this you can use a program called Easy CD Ripper, the same program as used in the other tutorial Ripping from a CD.

Install the Easy CD Ripper software as described in this tutorial: Intro to Converting MP3ís.
  1. Run the program by going to Start > Programs > Easy CD Ripper > Easy CD Ripper.
  2. In the tabs on the right hand pane select File Converter.
  3. Click on Add files, and navigate to where you have your stored audio files.
  4. Select them and press OK, to select more than one hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click all of the ones you want to add, when you have finished release the Ctrl key and press the Open button:

    Click image for larger version

  5. You will see a list of files added to the right hand pane.
  6. Now on the left pane select your output format and bit rate options, most of the time you will want the MP3 as the output format, and then Drop the Output Options list box down and select your bit rate, it should only be 44100 Ė xxx Ė Stereo, where xxx is the bit rate you have chosen (between 128 and 320kbps). Remember, that there is no point converting an MP3 from a lower bit rate to a higher bit rate as you wont gain any quality just a bigger file size as the quality isnít there in the first place:

    Click image for larger version

  7. At the point you can also edit the track name and other information by double clicking each track. For more in-depth information on this refer to the Ripping from a CD Tutorial.
  8. Now you may need to change the output directory, you can use the default which is My Music, but it canít be the same as the source directory, to do this, edit the box on the top left hand of the program which is titled "Output Directory".
  9. When youíre done, if youíve edited the track name you will need to click the Action tab again to reveal the start button. When youíre sure every things set up ok, hit the Start button. Your MP3ís will be converted and stored in the Output Directory. You can now upload them to stayaround if you wish.


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