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An intro to converting mp3ís

There are two fundamental ways that you may need to convert your MP3ís, its one or the other, not both. It depends on how you store the particular music in question:
  1. On a CD Ė If you have your music on a standard audio CD, and want to convert to MP3 and put them on your computer Ė this is called Ripping
  2. Already on your computer as a WAV / MP3 file Ė Straight conversion
To rip from a CD you need a program, funnily enough called a Ripper. And to convert an mp3 you need conversion software. There are many pieces of software available on the internet, if youíre confident enough you can go search for your own, choose the one you like the look off and use it. But for this tutorial we are going to be using a program called Easy CD Ripper, why? Ė Because itís easy! Download it from here:


Once itís downloaded you need to install it, to install it:
  1. Run the file.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Click I agree.
  4. Click Next.
  5. At this point you may have a popup come up asking something, click No to this.
  6. Click Install.
  7. When itís installed it may ask you to restart, if so bookmark this page and restart your PC.
Now you have the software installed, have a play if you want Ė itís pretty easy, but donít forget there are two tutorials to help you out. Check out the Ripping from a CD Tutorial for a step by step guide on making MP3ís from a CD, or look at the MP3 Conversion Tutorial for information on how to convert any audio file into an MP3 at any bit rate.


You have the option to convert any of your songs into ringtones, which become available for people to purchase. Your ringtone will be professionally made, in all the formats necessary for any one to have; no matter what phone. The formats include; Realtones(mp3, wav, amr) or Polyphonic(mid, mmf, mp3).


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