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Garry Gust - Oh, My Darling Vivien

I'm a singer/songwriter.
I've been writing songs since the times of Elvis, the Beatles, and to this day.
This particular album is soft rock, consisting of songs that are dear to me
and are of an almost biographical nature.

For instance, 2 JAYS CAFÉ is about the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver
which is the poorest community in Canada, where many ex-loggers and minors, people of low income, and drug addicts live. For the past 5 years
development companies have been building condominiums to attract wealthier people to the Downtown Eastside. This process is called GENTRIFICATION, which means, the single-room hotels where the poor
live are being converted to apartments for the upper classes and the poor are being kicked out.

QUEEN OF KITSILANO BEACH is more of a fictional song based on my experience from the 1960s.

OH, MY DARLING VIVIEN is a true autobiographical account of the time when I met my wife on the Internet in 1999.

MY SWEET WOMAN is about how things are since my wife came and married me.

CHILREN OF TOMORROW. If I could teach philosophy to our Grandchildren, then I would teach them this song.

EVERYBODY GETS A SHARE is simply how I would rule the world.

PEGGY THE PIGEON. This is dedicated to all the alcoholics and drugs addicts in the world who are trying to kick the habit.

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? is a psychological pep talk to myself to get out of the depths of depression.


Garry Gust

Track Genre: Pop
Track Length: 05:49
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