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Princess Julia - Out Of My Box [DJ KRISCO Remix] [130bpm]

Artist: Princess Julia
Title Out Of My Box-Moist -Remixes
Produced By: Film Noir (Montreal Men)
Style: Hard spoken words track
Remixes by: Dj Krisco
Year: 1998

This Dj Krisco NYC hard House version of Princess Julia “Out of my Box” has got some thumpin drums and a keyboard hook that are very infectious. A big room remix for New York city!

Rene Hewitt –The Newsletter

Princess Julia Remixes - "Moist" -"Out of My Box" KULT Records

Montreal Men Kult releases another kicking' piece of wax with the new remixes of the Princess Julia's "Moist." This time around, "Moist" is taken a deeper direction with Wayne Rollin's new '99 mix. Wayne delivers his perspective with a deep and sultry kick and floating b-line with your old school acid house snare and tanburine combos - pure adrenaline drive! "MOIST!" is exclaimed over the beat along with a lush synth complimenting her luscious vocal. The Princess lets you know just how she likes it! The treat of this LP is the previously unreleased track, "Out of My Box." Hard and pounding tribal rhythms and beats make your legs tingle. Her sensuous voice, again,telling you how she sees her "box." Julia goes into detail how her "box" is curved and deep, and is waiting to find that right person to "open" her up and see what's inside! Entrancing synths and building snares accentuate the tribal rhythms to make the entire song into a pounding club stomper! The flip side lets Benji tell his interpretation of the Princess' "Moist" attributes. Mr. Candelario does his thing as he releases his party sound on the Kult label. Heavy, heavy b-lines, fat ass kicks, tracks horns, and some nice filter work with Julia's "MOIST!" are the foundations for this track. A definitive piece to get the floors moving, and to do some serious long mixing, move the needle in two inches and have fun with his dub.

June Joseph (Billboard/BPM/Paper/Exl8r)

Track Genre: Dance
Track Length: 06:26
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