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Kurtis Mantronik - PLAYERS CLUB [Touch Me Right][Mantronik Twilo Dub] [133bpm]

Artist: The Players Club feat. Mr. Bush
Title: Touch Me Right
Produced By: Kurtis Mantronik
Style: Hard tech progressive

This is Mantronik trying his harder skills. Pretty massive commercial techno.

Rene Hewitt – The Newsletter NYC

The Players Club "Touch Me Right" Kult Records

Also on sauntering down the comeback trail is Kurtis Mantronik, who ends a four-year break from recording with several strong new jams for New York's Kult Records. First up is Disco 97, an EP that happily blends 70s-styled froth with 90s-fashioned house vigor. Let It Go is a standout cut, with its shoulder-shaking percussion and plush keyboards. Clubland vets will be able to easily trace the evolutionary steps Mantronik has taken between his late-80s breakthrough hit, Fresh Is The Word. and now. The producer has also reconnected with musician/engineer Richard Bush (who played on a number of his early hits) to form the Players Club, an act with feasible prospects in the pop arena. The group's first single, Touch Me Right, is due in the spring, and it conjures up mental images of what a creative meeting between Tavares and Ten City might sound like. We can hardly wait to hear the album that is in progress. If the recently completed tracks Changes and Hold Your Head Up are a fair indication, it is going to be major.

Larry Flick- Billboard Magazine


The Players Club "Touch Me Right" Kult Records

Another one that fits that bracket is the Players Club's "Touch Me Right" produced by Kurtis Mantronik and featuring Richard Bush on vocals, who sounds not unlike Byron Stingly. A disco-funked" tinged house groove off sets Richard in the opening Vocal Mix, and also worth checking is the Radio Edit, which works pitched up as a soulful filler. There are two Dubs for the heads and check out Jeff Bernstein'sdisco-phasin' Dub.

Blues & Soul Mag UK

The Players Club "Touch Me Right" Kult Records

The legendary Kurtis Mantronik returns with a storming house track for New York's excellent Kult Records. Utilizing the Byron Stingly-like vocals of Richard Bush, he turns in an uplifting Jazz'n'Groove-style garage number. But the real deal is the 'You Didn't Think' dub, which warps the tune into an acid-fuelled dub monster, with occasional snatches of the original vocal floating over the terrifyingly driving beats. Big with DJs like Danny Rampling, this is the business, New York Style.

Wax Magazine UK

The Players Club "Touch Me Right" Kult Records

Bright and reminiscent of Sylvester of disco days of old, exudes the press release, and, to be fair, they ain't too far off the mark. These days Kurtis Mantronik has swapped his DMX beatbox for a Roland Keyboard, yet the authentic garage sounds he produces are still equally appealing. Richard Bush handles vocal chores in a Ten City "Devotion"-style, which is not setting it up to be knocked back. As Classy as anything else around, and highly recommended within the genre.

Blues & Soul (Import Pressure)

The Players Club "Touch Me Right" Kult Records

Sliding into the vocals, there's an intriguing development from Kurtis Mantronik with The Players Club’s Touch Me Right (US Kult), Philly Grooves with a falsetto vocal and a tough dub that wouldn't be out of Place on many UK labels, but not the originals.

Blues Soul UK

The Players Club "Touch Me Right" Kult Records

P-Club are actually ex 80s electro pioneer Kurtis Mantronik & Richard Mr. Bush so many perhaps wouldn't be expecting quite the garage monster that Yogi reckons this to be . . . . .Yogi: I dropped it last weekend and a well-known Scottish garage connoisseur came running up to my box screaming that could be the greatest garage record ever made.Well, the poor guy works for The Sun where gross exaggeration is considered the norm, however, it is an exceptional release. The Vocal Mix features Mr. Bush over a Lonnie Listen Smith type keys backdrop, though sadly the other mixes can't keep up the pressure and eventually slides towards honki house mode. Worth it for that vocal mix though.

DJ Magazine UK

The Players Club "Touch Me Right" Kult Records

Tight instrumentation, great vocals... A welcomed touch of Soul on this new production by Kurtis Mantronik and Mr. Bush. Beside the vocal, you’ll find more aggressive versions like the Jeff’s dub and his bitter bleeps.

Only For DJ’S Magazine July France

The Players Club "Touch Me Right" Kult Records (Top tunes)

Much in demand 12' played by Danny Rampiling to death. (Image)

Wax Magazine U.K.

Track Genre: Dance
Track Length: 06:35
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