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Article: Promotional Appearances, etc.

Once your proposal is prepared, contact the promoter and request a meeting. The all-important first impression is usually best when made in person, so push for a meeting or use your email account at Stayaround If he or she is unreachable.

Another good angle is hanging out at gigs or showing your face regularly at the venue, you can then catch or get to know the promoters, owner and even the door and bar staff.

At the meeting, present a professional press kit (see Jeri Goldstein's articles on Getsigned.com on this subject) and place your marketing plan right on top. Your presentation will be impressive, and the marketing plan will reflect confidence and an understanding of how serious you are. You will instantly command respect.

If you are unable to initially get a meeting, but he or she requests to review your proposal, mail or hand deliver it with the press kit and follow up a couple of days later.

Be prepared to negotiate, keeping in mind that your goal is to play the club under mutually agreeable terms. Think of the talent buyer as your potential partner – someone with whom you want to build a mutually beneficial relationship. No one wants to lose money, and in most cases if everyone works together without being greedy it is a win win situation.

You may be best served by playing an opening slot in front of a more renowned band. This way, you can still exercise the same marketing strategy, but depend less on the results.

Once you strike a deal, sign a contract. This is in the best interest of both parties and is the professional way to conduct business. Furthermore, you will be spending time and money promoting the show, so protect your interests. Use your own contract whenever possible and make sure that it covers the important points.

Do everything and more than what you agree to in writing. Provide the talent buyer or promotions person with press releases, biographic information, and plenty of promotional pictures. It is your job to make sure that they have everything they need. Stay on top of the club to fulfil their obligations, such as including your appearance in their calendar and wherever else they list their shows.

Remember, right now you need this club more than they need you, which is why you contacted them in the first place. If you make this joint venture a huge success, they will be calling YOU the next time!

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