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Stayaround now bring you 14 different radio stations packed with music from all the genres throughout the site and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whatever your style, whatever you're into, you're bound to find something here!

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Tune in now...POP
A reference to all things made after the rock & roll era that was absorbed into the pop mainstream. In general, it’s a melodic, catchy music that relies equally on tightly constructed songs and well-c ...more info - listen!
Tune in now...ROCK
Powerful, emotional, and sometimes completely enveloping… The guitar riffs and hardened bass line of Rock music are a definitive sound. Think Van Halen, Guns 'n' Roses, Nirvana, Pink Floyd and you ge ...more info - listen!
Tune in now...URBAN
Encompassing a variety of sub-genres such as Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B, Urban is a big scene. From the very slick, smooth and polished to the most raw street sounds. Lyrics come fast and hard in Rap and ...more info - listen!
Tune in now...DANCE
Through all the many subgenres of Dance there is one thing in common – rhythm. From the fast to the slow it's all about the beat. Dance music covers a multitude of sins, from the old school sound of ...more info - listen!
Tune in now...DISCO
Glitter balls, illuminated dance floors, Saturday Night Fever… all from the disco age, the nightclubs of Mum and Dad's era. Picture a scene from the 70’s at the disco inferno - flares, mullets and af ...more info - listen!
Tune in now...ALTERNATIVE
So what is Alternative Music? Alternative Music is the opposite of Pop, an umbrella term for describing music that is not produced with Top of the Pops and record sales in mind. However, as "alterna ...more info - listen!
Tune in now...INDIE
Indie, taking its name from “Independent”, explores the sounds, emotions and gives way to the lyrics that wouldn’t normally appeal to the majority. Coming from the American underground rock scene of t ...more info - listen!
Tune in now...SOUL
Soul was born with the urbanisation and commercialization of R&B in the 60's. Soul describes a number of styles, ranging from the catchy, almost pop like Motown to the incredibly gritty style of Stax/ ...more info - listen!
Tune in now...COUNTRY
Simple music at heart, the majority of country songs are built around the same three chords, but these chords are so basic they allow for many different styles, from honky tonk to western swing. Coun ...more info - listen!
Tune in now...HEAVY METAL
Think massive amplification, screaming loud distorted guitar riffs, simple beats but pounding rhythms. Led Zeppelin was arguably the first true heavy metal band, but this genre spawned many other band ...more info - listen!
Tune in now...JAZZ
A direct decedent of the blues, Jazz has been referred to as America’s classical music. Improvisation is key, it’s risky and unpredictable. As Jazz progressed it formed several sub genres, you can get ...more info - listen!
Tune in now...ACOUSTIC
Natural, un-digitized, un-synthesized music. Most people will think of the Acoustic Guitar, be it the memorable intro to Oasis’s Wonder Wall, or the ingenious composition of Eric Clapton’s MTV Unplugg ...more info - listen!
Tune in now...OTHER
Got a new sound that can’t be pigeonholed? Maybe a new track that has yet to be defined? Then this section is for you! With so many options getting your ears and head round a genre can be confusing, ...more info - listen!

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