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Welcome and thanks for signing up to stayaround.com!

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Stayaround gives you a chance to distribute your sound and promote yourself in a way never possible before for unsigned artists! As well as allowing you to create your own customised homepage, it gives you the opportunity to upload your material and start earning cash from your talent instantly. It also gives you a chance to have as much of your material as you want converted into multiple ringtone formats, so the rest of the world can listen to your sounds no matter where they are, or what they’re doing.

Your Homepage
If you haven’t done so already, you need to start compiling your homepage! The most important part of getting yourself heard is promoting yourself via your stayaround profile, making it look the part will ensure music fans come back to see your latest gig into, preview your mp3’s and make that all important purchase decision, making you some profit!

To do this, you need to click here to login and go to the Homepage Designer, from here you can upload your logo, add profile and contact information.

Once you submit your homepage, it will need to be authorised by the team here at stayaround, this will happen 24 hours, from that point on music lovers around the world will be able to view your homepage and buy your tracks. Additionally you will be listed automatically in the stayaround A to Z of artists available to view on the stayaround homepage. Its really that simple!

Your Tracks
Next you will want to upload your music! Click here and login if your not already done so, and once logged in with your username and password go to Tracks Management from the main menu. Here you can add a track, upload as much of your material as you desire, just follow the simple instructions on the site.

You may decide now, or in the near future you want to have one or more of your tracks converted into a ringtone. To do this you need to buy ringtone credits from the Tracks Management menu, you can then select one of your tracks to be converted! The conversion will take up to 5 working days, and will be professionally converted by the stayaround studio, once its done we will send you confirmation and your ringtone will appear on your own homepage, and who knows, within the stayaround download charts!

Artists with tracks as mp3’s and ringtones on stayaround, will generally generate more income for the artist. So remember, its important to keep checking back and submitting some exclusive material on the site. More music… more people… more downloads…

Your Gigs
Got any gigs coming up? Get them listed on stayaround! Stayaround is a great way to promote your upcoming gigs, your gig will be automatically listed in our Gig Guide once you’ve submitted the information, music fans can then view your upcoming gigs and come along to hear your sound. Login to stayaround and hit the gigs management link to add a gig!

Your stayaround mailing list is also a great way to keep your fans up to date with your current gigs, news and information on your music. Fans from all over the planet will be able sign up to your mailing list, here’s the clever part, you can then send out a mailshot to those fans when ever you want! Do this by hitting the Compose a Newsletter link on your menu and you are ready to go.

Thanks from all everyone at stayaround.com. We hope this new and exciting music platform will launch you to stardom. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us at info@stayaround.com.

The Stayaround Team"; $mailto = $email1; $subject = "Confirmation of your stayaround.com details."; $result = siteMail($mailto, $subject, $msg); ?>

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