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Category: Hint’s, tips & tricks - learning about the biz

Our aim is not only to help you with distribution, promotion, and exposure here at Stayaround, we also want to help you with tips, advice and any knowledge that you might need to hone to help you on the way to making it big in the music business, we’ve given you the on-line medium to get seen and heard, but how about grass roots off line promotion, duplication, copyright, marketing a band, brand or simply getting noticed...

Stayaround tips are packed full of useful ideas, on how you, or your band can get headline gigs in the hottest venue, perhaps opening up for signed bands, or getting session work, studio or tour gigs, with up- and – coming or established musical acts.

If you’re a DJ then the same basic rules apply to getting yourself that gig warming up for a headline in Ibiza or perhaps a residency on Stayaround Radio!

To kick things off, here is our no nonsense guide on how to realise your gigging and touring dreams or ambitions, good luck..

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