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22/06/2004 -Music Industry Sales Slump as Artists look for New Web Distribution
The music industry is playing catch-up for a platform of legal downloads from the Internet. There is wide spread confusion in the industry today as many solo artists and record labels cash in on the value of the web. The Internet and web-technology are jointly recognised as the way forward however reluctance to embrace new digital mediums at an early stage has lead to a difficult starting point. Much of the industry has found, to their embarrassment, that they are struggling with a suitable online strategy and continued reduction in sales.

Today one of the Webs leading ring-tone distributors, Symbios Group, announced that they are in the final stages of development for a new worldwide ring-tone and MP3 sales platform, due for launch by mid July.

Aimed predominately at the independent and emerging music markets, STAYAROUND.COM will provide a universal sales platform. Artists will have the ability to sell their music in a wide range of formats; including MP3, polyphonic and real-tones.

Symbios Group will actively promote the venture through its portfolio of sites, three-hundred of which currently enjoy around 80 million visits per year. STAYAROUND.COM has announced that they are also in talks with a number of satellite TV channels and is developing an online radio station for its content.

A number of differences set STAYAROUND.COM apart from the other online legal distribution channels; primarily the ability to reach a world-wide audience, legally, with unsigned music and independent labels, in addition to offering un-heard of content and ring-tones. This will initiate an expansion of all forms of alternative music and support smaller players within the music industry.

By using the STAYAROUND.COM platform, Internet traffic and billing expertise from Symbios Group, every registered end-user can financially benefit. Access will be provided to central recourses and marketing tools including biographies, gig guides and a new chart.

The result will be a wider choice of independent and niche music along with the ability to download unlimited amounts of ring-tones on a weekly basis for a fixed price.

Martin Montague, one of the founders of STAYAROUND.COM states The global market for music and ring-tones is enormous. We have seen a considerable increase in the number of people looking for alternative music over the past few years. Unlike other leading brands we are focused on the niche market for distribution rather than the major record companies that dominate our charts. If you take the independent scene, small bands and the music that they produce, the picture is much bigger than we think. The world is a large place and it would be wrong to think that a few brands have control. We have seen efforts by the music industry to make inroads onto the Internet. We are doing it the other way around; from the internet outwards, which in effect is a reverse takeover into the music industry!

STAYAROUND.COM wants to hear from every band, independent music producer and artist looking for alternative distribution channels.

Companies wishing to work with Stayaround.com should contact Gavin White +44(0)1489889821
For further information about Symbios Group contact Martin Montague: +44(0)1489889822
For Press information contact Gavin White @ Symbios Group: +44(0)1489889821


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