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Label: Lumenessence

Artists Genre: Alternative

Following two acclaimed solo EP’s for Lumenessence Recordings, ‘Blood at Willow Fox Grove’ and ‘Rifles of the 1900s’, producer, vocalist, multi instrumentalist and Lumenessence’s premier lo-fi luminary Joe Shetcliffe unleashes his first full blown long player and the next installment in the unfolding Sketchie saga ‘Rain by High Lantern’. Despite his tender twenty years he has already racked up credits for Warp Records and for Lex Records as Mummy Fortuna’s Theatre Co. and with his new LP set Sketchie goes on to further demonstrate his fiercely independent and utterly involving trademark sound.

Garnering great reactions from both dance and rock camps with features in periodicals across the board, while at the same time drawing spectacular praise from Radio One’s Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq, praise for Sketchie’s creations has indeed been high.

Raised on live performance, the new material bears all the hallmarks of an evolving Sketchie approach. Recorded in various houses and unsuitable spaces on basic recording equipment this music is built on natural talent and guile. Awash with electronic pops, clicks and strange mechanical clankings, eerie atmospherics waft out of the speakers underpinned by epic overdriven guitar melodies and taut beats. Effortlessly blending electronics and live playing this takes the hybrid by the scruff of the neck and takes it to another level. You’ll find no samples here – it’s all crafted from Sketchie’s own individual sound creations - one young man with his instruments, his voice and the most rudimentary of tools at his command. Recent commentators have fallen over themselves with reference points; common denominators have ranged from The Beta Band, Can, Radiohead, Phillip Glass, My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Ros and even a little bit of Aphex Twin or Autechre.

The hand crafted leather artifacts, which make up the ‘Rain’ cover, were inspired by Sketchie’s recent foray into the world of leather craftsmanship during a stint with a well-known bespoke shoemaker. The attention to detail here as with the music itself is palpable; perhaps this has something to do with his rapidly growing reputation as an in demand computer game tester. Sketchie has been testing games for Revolution Software and his ability has since caught the attention of technological giants EA Games.

With a singular vocal style made up of controlled aggression translated into words, high speed narratives which duck and dive in and out of the mix Sketchie originally signed to Lumenessence as a rapper; or more suitably a vocaliser of his own highly individual chanted rhymes. Articulate, aggressive and also graceful these rhymes formed the basis of his early tracks for the label, paving the way towards the towering epic sound showcased on ‘Rain’. Having graduated as a teenager on the UK rap scene and serving his internship with some of the hippest names from alternative hip hop’s avant garde, Sketchie cut his teeth supporting the likes of Sage Francis, Sole, Boom Bip and members of the Lex records fraternity. Discovered aged 15 by UK hip hop elder statesman Req, Sketchie rapidly expanded his vocalist role to that of writer and multi-instrumentalist achieving his now trademark guitar skills in a self-taught 12 months. Things have certainly moved on fast; the music that resulted was highly praised for its emotional depth and intensity; an old head on young shoulders indeed.

His prodigious output will see him releasing at least two albums this year. ‘Rain By High Lantern’ is only the precursor to yet more Sketchie output – a further installment in our unfolding Sketchie saga. The debut ‘Rain’ plus its sister mini album tentatively entitled ‘Selected Ambivalent Works 2000-2003’ completes the picture. Largely consisting of vocal tracks, the set is a snapshot of the frenetic activity which produced his first two vinyl EP’s and the debut longplayer.

This is music that caresses you with its beauty before crushing you with its power. This will pull you in and take you somewhere: -hard to pigeonhole and impossible to ignore, welcome to Sketchie’s world.

Now performing with a full live band blending live playing with electronics, watch out for Sketchie live shows and Lumenessence Live during the summer, where the band will be performing tracks from the ‘Rain By High Lantern’ LP.

“Comparisons have already been made to DJ Shadow and Mogwai, but it’s so much more than that…..Can’t wait to hear the album.” DMC Update

“He’s making some of the most beautiful music out there” Mixmag

“Thanks Sketchie. Nice of you to drop your world into ours” DJ

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Salute To Alone
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