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Star Chaser Records - Nashville

Sample of artists signed to this label:
Artist Name: Genre:
Hank Brake Country
Subversive Alternative
Big-T & The International Ballers Urban
Josh Sliker Pop

Contact details for Star Chaser Records - Nashville:

Star Chaser Records - Nashville
44 Music Square East, Suite 208
United States

w www.starchaserrecords.net
e buddy@toursecurity.net

Star Chaser Records, a division of Star Chaser Music Group Inc, is an independent label and development company. We are currently looking for new acts to add to our roster.

Star Chaser Records has a staff commited to artist development. If you are ready to record your CD we can help schedule studio time, duplication, artwork, sales, distribution, find a top name producer, and more.


We can provide you with a custom management plan or you can sign with the Star Chaser Music Group as your full-time managers.

This service contains all of our artist artist development services and is designed take care of all of your professional needs.

Let us work with you to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together!

Get the research, guidance, insight, and experience that will help you achieve your goals - step by step.

* Press kit development
* Radio airplay strategy
* Internet marketing strategy
* Street team and fan club development

Contact us to discuss your management needs and options.

Artist Development

Star Chaser Music Group uses a creative approach to provide artists with the tools to develop their careers. We have to main goals. One is to provide you with professional insight to the music industry, and the other is to advance your career through our customized one-one-one consultation.

Payment Terms

We require 50% up front and 50% at completion for each of the following services:

* Artist Development Services
* Music Industry Consulting
* Graphic Design
* Website Design

Ok...so you have a CD but what do you do with it? How do you get it sold?

Hey! You had some good gigs lined up but attendance was low? What went wrong?

We have the answers and the marketing solutions that will work for YOU. Each band/artist is different, so each marketing plan needs to be different.

Get your music on the radio! Our radio airplay strategy works! This service will provide you with all of the tools to get played on the radio, so hit the charts without having to break the bank!

We will provide you with guidance, personal consultation, and your OWN service plan in a written document. This is better than any book you could buy about the music industry, becaue it's customized for only YOUR music and YOUR needs.

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