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Artists Genre: Heavy Metal

Storm Within is not about a "sound" or a "style" it's about the raw energy, it's all about the FEELING! That's where the band name comes from. Everyone has felt a "Storm Within" themselves whether it be anger, love, lust, sadness, anxiety, or jealousy. Emotions are the "storm", once emotions rage to the surface, they must be unleashed. Storm Within chooses to unleash their Storm's in the form of music.

STORM WITHIN’S musical style has been compared to bands such as: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and even Wendy O’ Williams. However, none of these style labels has been able to stick, because Storm Within has such a varied list of influences and melted sounds that no label can do real justice to their music. They have carefully crafted a blend of many forms of Metal, Rock, Blues and More, to produce the powerful sound that rings true with their name……..STORM WITHIN!!

Storm Within is based in Mesa, Arizona. Performing in various venues throughout the U.S. Storm within has opened for several national acts including: Sacred Reich, Junkyard, Tesla, Gilby Clarke, Flotsam & Jetsam, and Roadsaw. Storm Within was featured at the “2000 Angel-Citi Film & Music Showcase”. Performing at “The Garage” in Hollywood, California, and were sponsored by D’Addario and Dunlop. CMJ Productions presented Storm Within as a featured performance at the “Power Mad Metal Fest 2001” in Baltimore, Maryland. Several songs from Storm Within’s Debut CD, “UNLEASHED” have been included on the soundtracks of the following films: “Rage of the Werewolf”, “TaxiderME!” and “The Damned”. Storm Within is a close, family unit comprised of five extremely dissimilar individuals, working together with a single vision. Launching an assault on the entertainment field from every possible angle, with their Music, Live Performances, Acting, Film Scoring, and contributions to Movie Soundtracks, to gain the attention of industry professionals and unleash their music to the world. Storm Within is currently recording their 2nd Full Length CD, which is due for release in the winter of 2004, with plans for a supporting tour in Europe.

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