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The Avant Bard

Artists Genre: Alternative

Classically trained, Rik performed in many orchestral concerts during his youth:- high points included a tour of the US and being conducted by Ron Goodwin. 8 years globe trotting, entertaining crowds from the streets of Paris to Peru established Rik as an extremely versatile entertainer.

Since forming the band The Avant Bards he has had the privilege of performing at private parties for Nigel Kennedy and his band including Jarek Smietana, supporting the Ozric Tentacles and gigging around the UK and in Holland.

Whilst enjoying the company of his fellow band members in the trio Rik has also recorded extensively on his own and is a prolific singer songwriter and composer. His works range from his first orchestral piece in 2005 through soulful and sincere songs for picked guitar and solo voice to up beat surreal tracks for the whole band. Rik is a multi instrumentalist playing, guitars, ripping violin, keyboards vocals and has been compared to Donovan.

Influenced by great masters such as Mozart, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, and John Lennon, Rik sees music as a method of communication and every one of his songs has a message for the listener.

The Avant Bard is his solo name which gives him the chance to air some of his more mellow songs and solo recordings.

Music is the expression, That can cut though, Out the other side, Where our eyes are open wide, Saying what needs to be, Allowing us to be free-er than we were before, Exposing, Encouraging, Enlightening, To be the Be er again.

The Avant Bard is currently releasing 2 new albums - ONE - a live album - simplicity, guitar and voice with deep sincerity and - BE BE BE - sending it out with songs that touch the parts others don't - hear for your self.

Top tracks from this artist:
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All Over Again
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Listen to a previewThe Avant Bard
Back To The Source
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Listen to a previewThe Avant Bard
IC Beyond ID
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You Have The Choice
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