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This is a chance for you to take a guided tour of stayaround.com, the new way to sell and share your music online. See for yourself!

The tour will explain various areas of an artist's account admin page including how to setup your homepage, upload tracks, add gig listings, start your own gallery and send out newsletters to all your members.

Note that all the videos below require Realone Player. If you haven't got it installed please visit www.realone.com to download.

Please take a moment and take the tour. Click on LOW or HIGH below depending on your connection speed.

Designing your Homepage
Learn about creating your homepage within stayaround.com. This will display all your profile information, tracks, gigs, pictures and more.
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Uploading your Tracks
Information on how to upload your tracks including specifying a genre, description and getting them converted into ringtones.
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Submitting Gigs
Guidance on adding your gigs to stayaround. Advertise your next performance to the rest of the world!
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Managing your Gallery
Learn how to upload your gallery images including any artwork and logos you may have.
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Sending Newsletters
Information on sending out newsletters to all the members of your mailing list on your stayaround homepage.
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Background music supplied by Makers of Movement. Click here to download the track.

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