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Judy Bady - Treat Me Right [Planetary Vocal] [127bpm]

Artist: Planetary Feat. Judy Bady
Title: Treat Me Right
Produced By: James Rivera Christian Perez aka Planetary Dreams
Style: Deep, Groovy, Soulful Vocal
Year: 1998

I know if you listen to this cut, it won't be something that you'll let go. Big with the likes of Paul trouble Anderson, listen to this cut and enjoy. Catch, you'll understand what I'm writing about.

Rene Hewitt –The Newsletter NYC

Planetary featuring Judy Bady "Treat Me Right" KULT Records

For those who like their garage teeming with luscious vocals and slinky, walking bass lines, “Treat Me Right” should satisfy the very depths of the soul. Produced by Planetary, the team that brought you “Wah Wah Mix” from Kult's essential DJ Sampler Volume 6, “Treat Me Right” features the raw vocal styling of jazz staple, Judy Bady, who has sung with the likes of Natalie Cole and Bobby McFerrin and has appeared at prestigious jazz functions worldwide, including the JVC Jazz Festival. Bady turns in a performance that is a testament of her skills as a world-renowned chanteuse in both the jazz and house arenas.In addition to their chunky vocal mix, Planetary, aka Christian Perez and James Rivera, drop a more stripped down, funk-tinged mix. The track is chockfull of fluttery, fluty sounds, vocals that gently weave in and out of the grooves and a nifty little snare that hooks. Notable producer Terry Hunter works his sonic magic, giving this New York track a distinctly classic Chicago vibe that should turn out dance floors the world over. “Treat Me Right” is an essential piece of vinyl that'll be a mainstay in any discerning DJ's turntables.

June Joseph (Billboard Mag/Paper Mag/BPM)

Planetary featuring Judy Bady "Treat Me Right" KULT Records

Garage, NY style that brings back the memories of a late NuYorican adventure. Judy Bady’s killer vocals and a melody that will take ya' to bed and ‘will’ call ya' in the morning! Four stellar mixes, all on the medium to soft tip. Soulful and still floor friendly!!

Klublife Magazine Canada

Track Genre: Dance
Track Length: 08:04
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