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Cricco Castelli - YOU ASKED 4 IT E.P. [Tropical Fruit Salad] [126bpm]

Artist: Cricco Castelli
Title: Tropical fruit salad
Style: Dubby cut n chop House
Produced by: Cricco Castelli

“Tropical fruit salad” is a funk feast of melodies with a swingy groove.

Rene Hewitt – The Newsletter NYC

Cricco Castelli You Asked for It KULT Records

Now I love this, funky jazzy stuff, yeah. I 've been hearing a lot about this Italian guy and he's really delivered here, right up my street: the beats match and there are great loops and pianos stoking it all up. Street Player has a 70s grooving keyboard and is quite dark with background filtering and a whirl into my mind vocal loop that has an old Joe Bataan flavor. Party Time is more your funky piano-led vibes idea with an old MAW workout feel and extra plinky plonky time stretched freestyle pianos on top. It's all very positive and feel good though in a way that never becomes overly happy and cloying or self-conscious. It's one that'll have the quite serious clubbers dancing in earnest, but with a smile on their faces. Tropical Fruit Salad is more soulful and jazzy with a deeper jumpy house mentality as hard driving beats and snares clap against each other. Finally, Life Is Changing is another deep-vybed disco thang, with just a simple loop or two and a few solos and riffs added. It sounds slower and more period jazzy. Yeah, a tight and slamming EP man, with something everyone, from creed to Mecca floors.

DJ Magazine U.K.

Cricco Castelli You Asked for It KULT Records

for those who missed the tasty “life is changing” nugget (I just love that infectious piano tickle loop)by Castelli on Kult's dj sampler vol.4 (See rew. in March’97 Dma).here it’s again, along with a new bonus stripped-down jazzy version and three excellent new cuts by the same up and coming producer. Kult says they’ve had more requests for that track during the past five months than any other Kult release ever hence the title of this e.p. I think the thing I like the best about Castelli's tracks is that each one seems like many different songs all tightly edited together. There’s lots of different stuff going on many layers, melodies, instruments-many phrases or passages as it were..he takes your mind on a definite journey all the while keeping your feet and body bopping all over the dancefloor. He is certainly one to keep an eye and ear on. With lots of fun piano romp, phat bass licks, nimble keyword and funky chunky beats. ”it’s party time” Is my favored cut of the three new ones though the brassy” tropical fruit salad” are just appealing. buy two copies for sure.

DMA Dance Music Authority

Cricco Castelli You Asked for It KULT Records

If you’re looking for party-starters and chunky funky dubs all rolled into one, look no further because this is everything you asked for. kicking off with it’s party time”. Cricco slides in on a slipper-socked baseline and downhome blues piano jam which does more to lift your spirits than a month of gospel fervor. Next up.” Tropical fruit salad” gets floaty with flute, sassy with the brass and groovy with the guitar for a syncopated soarway trip to tropical climes.” street player” is the fattest filtered mother fucking' vocal looper. Life is changing airs its dirty distorted grooves in public the cleans up with a sax and keys to please lower the tone by half a scale and you’ve got” life has changed”. Since you asked, it’s a great record.

DJ Magazine UK

Cricco Castelli You Asked for It KULT Records

There has been changing much hype surrounding this Italian born producer since the release of “life is changing” off the “dj sampler 4”. So much hype that Kult decided that they needed to re-release the original” life is changing” along with a bonus new version and cricco’s latest gems. This five track e.p. is sure to keep you and your dance floor moving as cricco provides some of the rawest,phattest,funky sounds. If you’re unfamiliar with Cricco’s sound you should check this out as it will fill any floor and energize any crowd. On side a one finds two new cuts including”it’s party time”and the “tropical fruit salad” both of these are extremely track with keys and raw beats. On the b-side one finds 3 tracks that are slamming. For those that were lucky enough to pick up” life is changing” and are looking for something new they might want to try on “street player” for size,as cricco cuts and pastes together an essential vocal track. Then of course one finds two versions of the ever so popular” life is changing”. This e.p. is essential for any fan of cricco's sound and those looking for something new.

DMA Dance music Authority

Cricco Castelli You Asked for It KULT Records
The title of this five-track EP refers to the inclusion of the in-demand "Life is Changing", which by all accounts has been one of the New York label's most requested cuts over the last six months - so since you asked for it . . . .Also included is the jazzy instrumental house sawyer "It's Party Time", the funkier almost incognito-flavored "Tropical Fruit Salad", and the dated nonchalantly sung jazzy "Street Player" (loosely based on the Chicago tracks that inspired the Bucketheads) unfortunately spoilt by out-of-place filtered effects. As to "Life Is Changing" - for the uninitiated it's a free-style jazzy-house number with piano, sax and bass all working overtime to create an essential
concoction of contemporary fusion. Purists will probably prefer the beat-less "Life Has Changed" version. Five very hot cuts and not a filler in sight.

Blues&Soul UK

Cricco Castelli You Asked for It KULT Records Number 5

Although it never really made it out of the underground, this one’s a true classic of ‘97 that never failed to make me jump up and down whenever I heard it out or threw it on the decks myself, I just love that piano tickle loop.


Track Genre: Dance
Track Length: 06:42
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